• Your Scholarship Search

    College Specific Scholarships
    If you know what college you are interested in attending, go to that school’s website and search for scholarships for incoming freshmen.  They are often found on the school’s admissions or financial aid web page. 

     How to qualify for scholarships:

    • You are generally not eligible for the school-specific scholarships until you have an application on file. Colleges often offer general scholarships to students who have a certain GPA/ACT/Class Rank.  You won’t know if you qualify until you apply for admissions. Apply. Apply. Apply. 

    A completed college application includes:

    • Admissions application, completed and submitted
    • Application fee paid or application for a fee waiver submitted
    • ACT scores sent
    • High School transcript sent (request transcripts for free through Xello)
    • Determine if there is a separate scholarship application.  
    • Look to see what scholarships are offered based on your major. Departmental scholarships are based on what you want to study.  Sometimes these are listed on the financial aid site, but more likely can be found on the Department’s web page. Many departmental scholarships go unclaimed because few students apply. Don't leave this money on the table!

    More and more colleges and universities require that you have a completed FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on file before you receive financial aid awards.  Completing FAFSA is very important and not doing so can limit your scholarship opportunities.

    Outside scholarships

    Outside scholarships can be added or “stacked” to scholarships earned from the college/university.  Places to look for outside scholarships include:

    • Xello  Community and outside scholarship information received is posted on this website along with links and/or applications.
    • Your job or your parents’ job. Many employers offer scholarships or tuition reimbursement programs.  Contact your manager to see if there is a program through your job and ask your parents to do the same.
    • Your place of worship. Many religious organizations such as churches, mosques, and temples, have scholarships funds designated for their membership. Check to see if you would qualify.
    • Scholarship search sites. Register with reputable search engines to find scholarships that meet your situation.  There are free search sites, so there is no need to pay for this service. Come to the CCC for assistance, if needed.


    There is no excuse not to apply!

    The best way to get scholarships is to Apply APPLY Apply



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