•   What is Core Knowledge?

    Core Knowledge is a solid sequenced, specific core curriculum which helps children establish strong foundations of knowledge, grade by grade. It is also a school reform movement and is the result of research into the content and structure of the highest performing elementary schools around the world. Core Knowledge is  based on the work of E.D. Hirsch, a professor whose research led to the book series, What Your Kindergartner - Eighth Grader Needs to Know.  It was developed by parents, teachers, scientists, historians, professional organizations, and experts on multicultural traditions.  The core curriculum helps eliminate subject overlap, reduces learning gaps, and enables the full participation of all students.  Minneha has been a member of the Core Knowledge Foundation since 1998 and is recognized nationally as a Core Knowledge School.  Check the Core Knowledge Foundation website (http://coreknowledge.org) for more information. 

    Parents may look at each grade level to review the Core Knowledge curriculum that makes Minneha different from other schools in the Wichita Public School system. More specific information about the curriculum is contained in domain maps and may be viewed upon request.