• Minneha Since 1883

    Minneha – A Pawnee Indian word meaning “Happy Waters.”

    The original Minneha land was a grant from the United States to William B. Smith on January 2, 1878. It was sold to John Reeves in 1882. Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet was originally Minneha School District No. 134. The district was formed on February 17, 1883 and elected its first three-man school board in April of that year. (Director – H.D. Buck; Clerk- Henry Oliver; Treasurer- R.T. Leach). A frame building was constructed on the northeast corner of what was recently the intersection of Webb and Central. Lillian Howard was hired as the teacher for the fall term.
    In February of 1918 the frame school house burned. It was replaced by a brick building. This building was standing until1998 and was the Public Relations and Aviation Education building for Raytheon. The Ladies Aid Society earned $1,000 to help finance the new building. They raised the money specifically for a basement. The brick building did contain a basement and it was used for pupil programs and community social gatherings. The people of the district met each month for a social evening at the school where oyster, chili or covered dish suppers were served.
    During the 1930s, the parents started a hot lunch program. The mothers took turns planning the lunches, buying groceries, and cooking the meals, which they brought to the school.
    The red brick building served the community until 1949. On October 21st of that year, an open house was held in the newly constructed building at 701 N. Webb Road. This building was the first phase of the present Minneha North Building and was heralded as one of the most advanced rural school buildings in Kansas. Facilities consisted of four fluorescent lighted classrooms, a kindergarten, a spacious auditorium, playroom (now the newly renovated art and technology rooms), dining room, kitchen, library and offices. In 1950, the city of Eastborough consolidated its school district with the Minneha District, and in 1951, the North wing with four classrooms was completed.
    Minneha School operated as a rural elementary school for children in kindergarten through eighth grade until the fall of 1952, when the second addition was completed. It was then reorganized as a grade school, serving children from kindergarten through sixth grade and as a junior high school for children in grades 7, 8, and 9. As the district increased in population, a new building program was begun and the Minneha South Building was completed in 1955. A band room was constructed on the west end of the North Building in 1960.
    In July of 1965, Minneha District No. 134 was unified with Wichita District No. 259. Minneha continued to operate as organized until the fall of 1966 when pupils in grades 7, 8, and 9 were assigned to the new Coleman Junior High School. The two Minneha buildings were reorganized for kindergarten through sixth grade. In 1989 the sixth grade was included in Coleman Middle School and Minneha now serves Pre-K through fifth grade.
    In the summer of 1993 Minneha Elementary School celebrated its 110th anniversary. A reception at the school was organized by Darla K. Weakley Stanley and her reunion committee. Ms. Stanley researched the school history and background extensively, much of which is included in a school history/memory book that was distributed to the many people who attended the celebration.
    In 1998, Minneha became an official Core Knowledge School with the overwhelming support of staff and parents. A new 2.5 million dollar addition was completed in March of 2003, connecting the north and south building. This construction added a beautiful library, a computer lab, new offices, and two additional classrooms. In 2008 Minneha celebrated the 125th anniversary of the school in a variety of ways.  A time capsule was completed to be opened at the 150th anniversaryof the school.  A memorial quilt which now hangs in the front hall was completed by the fifth grade with one square for each of the 125 years Minneha has been a school.  In 2010 the original playroom in the north building was renovated into a new art room and computer lab. The final addition was completed in 2013 and was dedicated as part of the 130th anniversary.  The addition included a FEMA safe room which is used as a second gymnasium.  The new addition is also designed to serve as a latchkey room for before and after school care.  Minneha has been blessed the past 130 years with dedicated and supportive parents, outstanding teachers, strong buiding leadership and great students.  It is our hope that Minneha will continue to serve Wichita for many more years!