• KPERS   

  • Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS) Pension Plan

    Throughout your career, you contribute part of your salary to the Retirement System. Your employer also contributes. KPERS then invests these funds and, when you retire, pays you a guaranteed monthly benefit for the rest of your life. Kansas law requires that all eligible employees must be members.

    KPERS Online Access for Members:

    The KPERS website has valuable information regarding your KPERS membership. Links to all KPERS publications and forms are online for members and retirees.

    It is recommended to create an account at www.kpers.org under “Member Login”, then “New User”. You will be able to view your account balances and annual statement, update your personal information, and review your KPERS beneficiaries at any time.

    Calculate your retirement! You will also find benefit calculators on the KPERS website. The information needed for the calculator is found on your KPERS annual statement, so be sure to have it available.

KPERS Links and Resources

  • KPERS 1

    New employees hired before July 1, 2009

    • As a KPERS 1 member you contribute 6% of your income (5% for 2014 and 4% for 2013 and before).
    • If you became a member before July 1, 1993, your contributions earn 7.75% interest. On or after July 1, 1993, your contributions earn 4% interest.
  • KPERS 2

    New employees hired July 1, 2009, and after

    • As a KPERS 2 member, you contribute 6% of your income. 
    • Your contributions earn 4% interest.
  • KPERS 3

    New employees starting January 1, 2015

    • As a KPERS 3 member, you contribute 6% of your income.
    • Your contributions earn 4% interest (quarterly). There is also a possibility of additional interest, depending on KPER’s investment returns. See KPERS website regarding retirement credits.
  • *Kansas law does not allow you to borrow from your contributions.