College Planning

  • Planning for college can be quite an undertaking, especially while you're still working hard in high school! With so many options, several students come to me asking, "How do I know which college is right for me?" Unfortunately, the answer to that question is not so simple; however, there are four questions that you can ask yourself to help begin finding out the answer:


    1. What am I interested in doing for a career?
    2. Do I want to stay close to home?
    3. What size of college do I want to attend?
    4. What type of college can I afford?


    The answer to the first question can help determine what major you want to pursue. Several colleges are well known for having good programs for certain majors, thus finding out what major you want to study could help you determine your college choice. Answering the second question could narrow your list of colleges to certain states or regions. For the third question, it is important to reflect on your personality and decide if you would like to attend a larger university (such as the University of Kansas) or a smaller university (like Newman University and many other private colleges). Finally, the answer to the fourth question is incredibly important. If money is not an issue, you may consider attending a larger state college or private university. If affordability is important to you, you should consider attending a much cheaper community college. Either way, earning as much scholarship money as possible is integral to avoiding having too much student debt.


    View the various links below and to the side for helpful tips on how to prepare for college while you're still at Heights!