Professional License Renewals

    The renewal application can be found online by visiting ksde.org. Click “Teaching and Learning,” “License Applications,” and choose Form 3a.


    If you have a Master’s degree:
    It is not necessary for you to use college credit for renewal. You may renew with 120 Professional Development Points, every five years.

    • On question 31, choose, "Professional development points (120 professional development points)."
    • The Licensure Specialist will upload your professional development transcript


    If you have a Bachelor’s degree:
    A minimum of 4 college credit hours (worth 80 PD points) earned during the term of your current license and recorded in My Learning Plan (as college credit request) are required, as well as an additional 80 Professional Development points, for a total of 160 points.

    • On question 31, choose, "Professional development points and college credit (160 points, with at least 80 of those points earned from semester credit hours)."
    • Add your college credit for renewal to Frontline Professional Growth (Instructions here)
    • Send your college transcripts to the district's Licensure Specialist (transcript instructions
    • The Licensure Specialist will upload your college and professional development transcripts

    Fingerprint Requirements:  Effective November 15, 2014
    Any person submitting any of the following will ALSO be required to submit AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION, a complete set of fingerprints and the required fee:

    • An application for the first Kansas certificate or license,
    • An application for renewal of an expired Kansas certificate or license, or
    • New »» An application for renewal of a valid Kansas certificate or license if the person has never submitted fingerprints as part of any previous application for Kansas certificate or license.

    Check your current credential information by clicking on the following link: KSDE - Search License

    Once you have submitted your application form and the Licensure Specialist has uploaded your documents, you will receive an automated email from KSDE to pay the application fee. Pay online ($3 surcharge) or mail in a check or money order. Mailed payments MUST be accompanied by a payment form

    If you need any further assistance or have another type of license in need of renewal, please email Abby McFadden at amcfadden@usd259.net