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    Wichita residents not employed by an accredited school district wishing to renew or apply for a Kansas teaching license who are considered “out of district” may work with the Wichita Public Schools Certification/Licensure Specialist to complete application procedures.


    College courses for out of district renewals must first be approved by the district’s Council for Professional Learning. The CPL meets the second Thursday of every month when school is in session.

    • Fill out the Out of District Professional Development Form with the college courses and/or professional development desired.
      • Courses must be at least 500 level and pertain to professional education or your content area.
      • University/college program approved by the state that leads to a new endorsement/license (e.g.: ESOL, School Counselor, Building Leadership, etc.) may also be considered with a university approved Plan of Study.
    • Return to the Licensure Specialist in Human Resources (903 S. Edgemoor, Wichita, KS  67218). You will be notified within a week of CPL meeting whether the courses were approved or denied.



    Teaching in Kansas requires a Kansas license issued through The Kansas State Board of Education. If all requirements for Kansas licensure have not been met, it may be possible for an individual to obtain an Exchange License, a Temporary One-Year-Non-Renewable License, or a Transitional License during which time they can complete any unmet Kansas requirements. Kansas licensure is based on completion of approved teacher education programs. Additional endorsements added by passing a test are not accepted.  An application packet may be found at http://www.ksde.org/.


    Central States Exchange Agreement

    There is an exchange agreement between Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, North Dakota, Kansas and Oklahoma. The agreement applies only to those individuals who are applying for an INITIAL Kansas license and who do not meet the requirements for a Kansas Conditional License. The agreement allows individuals who have completed a state approved teacher education program or school specialist program in their home state and who hold a standard valid license in that state to receive a two-year Exchange License in Kansas. During the two-year period, all deficiencies must be completed. Examples of deficiencies are: pre-licensure examinations; a 2.5 cumulative grade point average; recency credit. Administrative endorsements are not included in the agreement. NOTE: Oklahoma alternative license does not fall within the exchange agreement. The applicant should complete an out-of-state application packet (Form 2) and specify they are requesting an Exchange License.


    Temporary One-Year-Non-Renewable License

    Valid for the current school year only.  Applicant meets all requirements for a conditional license EXCEPT for all or part of the pre-licensure tests.  The applicant must submit a complete application packet.  In lieu of official scores, a request from a district administrator that also verifies employment in a Kansas district must be submitted.  The assignment must be in the endorsement area that the license will be issued for.  The tests the individual is deficient in must be completed during the school year in order to upgrade to the conditional teaching license.



    If offered employment by a Kansas school district, an individual with a content area degree may receive a two year restricted teaching license. This license allows a district to hire an individual who has not completed a traditional teacher education program. The individual is given access to practice (restricted teaching license) while he/she completes the teacher education (pedagogy) course work with a Kansas college or university. The process is a collaborative effort among the applicant, a school district, and a participating institution of higher education. The restricted teaching license application is available at http://www.ksde.org/. Individuals or districts interested in this type of license should begin by contacting a college or university.



    If you need any further assistance, please email Abby McFadden at amcfadden@usd259.net