• The Wichita Adult Learning Center gives adults the opportunity to earn a fully accredited high school diploma. WALC uses an online curriculum, so students are able to work wherever they have internet access. One fulltime teacher is available to help students one-on-one, in small groups, and remotely via technology. Additionally, evening and Saturday hours are provided. All students benefit from the WALC’s partnership with Wichita State University via the Employment Opportunity Center programs. Further, every graduate is guided through each step of pursuing post-secondary education. This process includes FAFSA and application completion and campus tours. Another key element for the adult school is that there is no upper age limit for students. Although the median student age is 25, the oldest graduate is a 72-year-old great grandmother.


    We are not currently taking applications for the Adult Learning Center.

    If your cohort class has already graduated and you still need and want to earn your high school diploma, click the link below to apply to the Wichita Adult Learning Center at Chester Lewis.

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