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    EAT, PLAY, LEARN - Education that acknowledges the need to make healthy eating choices, while providing opportunities for movement, helping our students become successful life-long learners. Our teachers and other stakeholders were educated about the importance and value of healthy eating, structured play and intentional learning.


    Fruit and Veggie Testing - Participate in a grant that provides students with the opportunity to taste new and exciting fruits and vegetables.


    Lunch with the Teacher - Students eat lunch with their teacher in the classroom.


    Individual Water Bottles - Students receive an individual water bottle for their use throughout the day for hydration.


    Encouraging Students to get OUTSIDE and MOVE - We do this through events like Walk to School Day, All School Field Trips and Field Day.


    Daily Structured Activity - Students are participating in 40 minutes of daily Structured Activity in place of regular recess periods. Daily structured activity does not replace currently scheduled physical education time.


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