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    West High Academies: Freshman Success Academy


    Mission of Freshman Success Academy is to educate every student and strive to provide a smooth transition from middle school to high school. The Freshman Success Academy will provide a safe, nurturing environment that enhances self-esteem, promotes responsible citizenship, fosters lifelong learning, and develops skills necessary for future success.

    All Freshman students entering Wichita West High School will be placed on one of three academic teams within the Freshman Success Academy. These teams are designed to establish a sense of connectedness within the West High community. Special emphasis on interdisciplinary units, career exploration, social skills, test-taking skills and study skills form the backbone of this academy.

    Freshman Success Academy serves as a bridge that spans the rough waters of adolescence, preparing students academically and socially for the rigors of high school and college. It is a place where ninth grade students can develop emotionally, academically, and socially. This academy is designed to increase academic achievement, improve student attendance, foster appropriate student behavior and increase parent/community involvement.

    Interdisciplinary teams – The Freshman Success Academy is organized in three disciplinary teams each made up of at least four core-area teachers – Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. Each team of teachers shares a common planning period which enables them to address individual student concerns, coordinate instruction, and plan team activities, etc.

    Project PASS Grade Recovery Program – this unique program allows students to receive tutoring in areas of deficiency while also providing the student with the opportunity to change a failing end-of-course grade to a passing grade.

    Advisement – Students learn the importance of course credits, effective social and study skills, a strong awareness of college and post-secondary options and an in-depth exploration into the world of careers.

Freshman Success Staff

  • Christie Ramsey - Assistant Pricipal

    Jennifer Palacio - Secretary

    Sheneta Ross - Counselor

    Renee Laetari - Academy Leader