International and Leadership Magnet

  • What are students at Hyde learning?


    Hyde teaches the same curriculum as the other schools in the Wichita district. During our 60 minute Reading Core Kindergarten uses the Read Well series. First through fifth graders are learning with the Treasures series by Macmillan McGraw-Hill. During our 60 minute Math Core Kindergarten through Fifth Grade is using the EngageNY curriculum.


    Hyde has been an international magnet school since 1991 and over the years our magnet theme has seen many incarnation. We are currently scaffolding what each grade level is working on. Kindergarten starts with a focus on Families, neighborhoods, and Wichita. First grade will continue with communities and build out to learning about the United States. Second grade takes a deeper look at individual states and learn about continents and oceans. Third grade will focus on North and South America. Fourth grade will look at Europe, and Africa. Fifth grade will round it out with Asia, Antarctica and Australia.    


    What is KYW?


    KYW is short for Know Your World. This is what we call our international magnet focus. Not every school in Wichita has a magnet class and a library time. Students at Hyde are lucky to have a spectacular full time librarian who doubles as the KYW teacher. The librarian teaches technology, library, and KYW. The librarian picks activities that will fit the needs of each grade levels' magnet focus.


    What about the leadership component?


    In 2016 Hyde became a leadership magnet. During the 2016-2017 school year teachers are receiving initial training on the Leader in Me program. Each year since, teachers participate in continued leadership training as a school.  Many schools worldwide have experienced great success with teaching students leadership qualities. As teachers learn more, pieces of this program continue to be implimented within our building. Our goal is to continously grow as teacher leaders and make Hyde the best it can be! 

    Hyde Leadership Puzzle

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