• Teacher inks



    Click on the links below to be taken to that site:

    Aesop Educatin Login

    The Aesop site allows you to enter your absences.
    This system is replacing SubFinder. Your login is
    the same as your district login.

    aimsweb The AIMSweb site allows you to enter your students
    scores as well as monitor their progress. The
    Customer ID is 21408. Your username and password
    are the same as your district login.
    Clipart.com Clipart.com is a site where you can download clipart
    for use in your projects. Contact Mr. Heintz if you
    need a username and password.
    Destiny Library Catalog The Destiny Library Catalog in the online card
    catalog for Wilbur's library as well as other schools.
    Contact Mrs. Roberts if you need logon information.
    Discovery Education The Discovery Education website provides access
    to educational videos and corresponding resources.
    Contact Mr. Hysom if you need a username and
    edudemic The Edudemic website provides information about
    using technology in education. This is a good place
    to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing face of
    technology and its uses.
    iObservation iObservation is where you can find Charlotte
    Danielson's teacher evaluation framework, Dr.
    Robert Marzano's strategies for teacher effective-
    ness, and Dr. Douglas Reeves' dimensions for
    leadership performance.
    Lexile The Lexile website provides useful information for
    understanding and using lexile reading scores.
    MyLearningPlan.com My Learning Plan is where you can go to sign up
    for district or building-level training as well at
    monitor your PD points. This link only works if you
    are in district or connected through VPN. Use your
    normal district login.
    Outlook Web Access Office Outlook Web Access allows you to access
    your Outlook email account from outside the district
    network. This does not work when you are on the
    USD259 network.
    Peoplesoft Oracle Peoplesoft allows you to access your district
    information. It is also referred to as the District Self
    Serve. You must use Internet Explorer. This is
    only available while on the district network. It can't
    be reached from home.
    CISCO VPN VPN Service allows you to connect to the district
    network from home. This allows you to do anything
    you could do at work such as use Synergy or access
    the portal.
    Restroom Video This link will play the Restoom Video.