Degrees and Certifications:

  •  6th Grade 

    Exploration of Technology I (6th Grade - 9-weeks)

    Description: Students will get a general understanding of the technologies available here at Mayberry. Students will also receive an introduction to the Copy Right Law as it refers to items they create for school and items they find on the internet. Students receive instruction in Internet Safety from Google's Be Internet Awesome curriculum. We look at the uses of Word and PowerPoint for school assignments by covering the fundamental formatting requested by teachers. Students will also get an introduction to the 3D CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) and Photoshop software that we use in the higher level classes.


    Mixed Grade Classes


    Exploration of Technology II (Grades 7 or 8 - Spring Semester)*

    Description: This program is designed to take students through the Design Process. From brainstorming ideas, developing sketches, creating 3D drawings, to a final group project that challenges the students to create a new product. This project allows students to demonstrate their understanding of the semester's material in a culminating project.

    Coding I (Grades 7 or 8 - Fall Semester)*

    Description: Students discover the world of software coding by taking a simple computer (MicroBit) along with sensors and outpouts to solve various real-world situations. Through "Paired Programming" students develope communication and programming skills as they build and code their creations. 

    Coding II (Grades 7 or 8 - Spring Semester)*

    Description: Students discover the world of software coding by writing code to create apps for mobile tablets. Through "Paired Programming" students develope communication and programming skills as theydesign and code their apps to meet client requirements. 

    Robotics (Grades 6,7, or 8 - Full Year)

    Description: Students develop coding and problem solving skills as they work through solutions to the challenges hosted by WSU for their annual Mindstorms Robotics Competition. Students enrolling in this class are expected to compete in the off-site competition.

    Technology Students Assocciation (Grades 7 or 8 - Full Year)

    Description: This application class is for students who are interested in discovering more about areas technology in their interest areas that up for competition at the spring State competition in Salina, KS in April each year. Students considering this class should be self-starters, have good organizational skills, an ability to work others in the class, and an interest in learning beyond the textbook.


    8th Grade

    Introduction to Engineering (8th Grade Fall Semester)*

    Description: Students discover how D/C electronics function along with how many basic machines convert electrical energy into kinetic energy. From discovering the basics of electricity to soldering a few basic “make and take” projects, students get hands on learning about electricity. In addition, students will also explore how gear systems and some programming skills can be combined to create automated scale working systems. 

    * Denotes a Project Lead the Way Class