• How to apply for West High AVID:


    Complete the High School Pre-Application Worksheet (click here for application)


    • Know your Student ID#
    • Know your parents’ highest level of education
    • Write an essay choosing one of the following prompts
      • Prompt 1: One of the sayings we have in AVID is, “Know your limitations and destroy them!” Life is full of opportunities and dreams. Some people choose not to take advantage of the opportunities to fulfill those dreams, while others are determined and motivated to accomplish their dreams. Write about your long-term dreams and goals and how you plan to obtain them. What role will  AVID have in helping you obtain these dreams and goals, aside from the obvious of better preparing you for high school and/or college? What will you use to motivate yourself when you feel things become too tough?
      • Prompt 2: Select a technological innovation of this century and discuss its effects on you, your, family, community, and/or nation.
    • You will need 2 Letters of Recommendation from teachers


    Submit your application - bit.ly/wpsavidapplication22-23  (Click it to go to it)