Welcome to the College & Career Center (CCC)

The world needs more heroes like you.
  • I am excited to assist in your future planning for life after high school. I will again be your College & Career Center Coordinator for the 2022-23 academic year and I look forward to all the things we can accomplish this school year.


    If you are here on the website, you are already taking great steps to organizing your future plans. Planning for your future is key to discovering not only your interests and career goals but also seeing all the opportunities you are capable of accomplishing! Sometimes the best laid plans do not work out, but I firmly believe that your journey will end with great things if you take this step in discovering more about you!


    We use Xello frequently in our Homeroom class, which is a great thing about our school! We actually build in time throughout the instructional week for students to work on and plan their future! It is important enough to our administration and staff that you be prepared for life after high school, that we work with future plans EVERY WEEK during the academic year! We believe in you!



    Amy Alvarez, CCC

    OFFICE 316.973.9332

    TEAMS 316.366.7426