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Future Student FAQ's

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    Application Info?
    To be in the selection lottery an application must be completed ONLINE before the deadline. Applications will be available at the beginning of October. If you have questions, please contact the Magnet School Office (973-4464). NEM has waiting lists for all grade levels! You must submit your application before the deadline or you will be automatically placed on a waiting list.



    So what is Northeast Magnet?
    NEM is a Visual Arts, Science and Law/Public Service magnet high school in Bel Aire, KS and is part of the Wichita Public Schools system.

    It provides a program for students who want to focus their studies in art, engineering or law and public service. All students must choose one of these three at the time of application. 


    Is Northeast right for me?
    Students who want an academically challenging curriculum come to NEM.
    Students highly interested in one of the magnet areas and are planning to attend college do well at NEM.


    What classes will I take in the magnet I select?
    NEM offers many of the same courses you would find at any school (Math, English, History...). But NEM has many courses that other high schools don't have. See the flowcharts on the link below to see the sequence of classes for each magnet area. This page also has our program of studies which has short descriptions of each class NEM offers. Check out our Magnet Class Flowcharts and Course Information Page


    Dress Code:

    A dress code is enforced, but uniforms are not part of it. (please see the student handbook)


    Leaving Campus:

    Freshman and Sophomore students cannot leave campus during the day, which includes lunch. Juniors and Seniors may leave for lunch, but they MUST be back on time or they will receive a lunch detention.

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    Freshmen Science Options:

    When choosing a magnet, please keep in mind:

    • We do not offer general science courses (only honors)
    • Art and Law students may choose the traditional or advanced track
    • Science magnet students must enroll in the advanced track

    Use the link below to help inform your decisions:



    Math Placement Concerns?
    Most Freshmen start with Algebra I; however, higher placement options are available. NEM does not offer any math courses less than Algebra I!

    Students wishing to enter Algebra I without a course titled Pre-Algebra may do so if they know the times table thoroughly (one through 12), know the elements of working with variables (X-6=17; solve for X), are willing to concentrate and work with the teacher as the course progresses.

     logo How are we different from other high schools?

    Focused study: Each magnet area has an extremely focused courses that allows students to truly explore the material.

    Projects: Each student completes a specific magnet area project each year, requiring research, writing, data-collection, use of technology, and presentation skills.

    Daily Schedule: Students will have a traditional seven period day.

    Progress Reports: Grades are available 24/7 online through ParentView and StudentView.

    logo  What clubs & organizations are available?
    * Spanish Club
    * Thespian Society
    * Marine JROTC
    * Arts and Crafts Club
    * Asian Club
    * Student Council
    * National Honor Society
    * National Art Honor Society
    * Chess Team
    * Mock Trial
    * Scholars' Bowl
    * and others.
    Additionally, there are dances, prom, magnet activities and much more
    logo What about band or orchestra?
    NEM offers classes in Orchestra, Band, Commercial Music and Exploration of Musical Instruments. Students are encouraged to participate and build our newly formed instrumental music program.

    Within each magnet area, students have an array of elective options. Students may take electives across magnet areas if space is available. Additional options include vocal music, drama, French, Spanish, computer technology & Marine JROTC.

    Home Economics, Child Development, Marketing, Fashion, Auto Repair, Construction, Business and many other elective classes are NOT offered at NEM. Students that want these course should seriously consider attending their base school.


    Are sports an option? 
    Yes, but not at Northeast!

    Students may play interscholastic sports at their base schools (the high school they would have attended). A bus after school takes students to their base school for practice. They are responsible for transportation after practice. Over 80 students return to their base school to participate in sports.


Future Student Calendar

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    Applications Available

    October 2, 2023

    Click here to complete online

    Showcase of Schools

    Wednesday, January 24, 2024

    Century II Exhibition Hall


    Application Deadline
    January 26, 2024

    Must be completed online

    Letters Mailed

    February 9, 2024

    Acceptance and Non-Acceptance letters

    Incoming New Student Pre-Enrollment

    Tuesday, March 5, 2024

    Time: 6:00pm (please arrive on time)
    All accepted students and ONE parent MUST attend.