• Kelly Mission


    The staff and families at Kelly Elementary will work together educating students to promote academic, social, and behavioral growth in a safe nurturing environment so each child can be successful.


    Kelly Vision


    The Vision of Kelly Elementary is to provide a structured and adaptable environment where social, emotional, and academic growth come together to meet the needs of each individual student.

    We believe this is accomplished by:

    • Providing a safe and caring community.

    • Building healthy relationships.

    • Empowering students for the future.


    Kelly Values


    Curriculum and Instruction

    We will be flexible and creative by using standards, data, pacing guides and team ideas to ensure all students will succeed.

    We will strive to make sure that our Curriculum and Instruction is engaging and provides real life connections for all children in an open-minded setting.


    Use frequent assessment for the teachers and students to monitor progress, set new goals, change strategies and celebrate successes.

    Utilize assessments frequently and regularly that give timely feedback and are easily administered (easily graded).


    We can set children up for success by having a structured consistent environment that is positive by utilizing common procedures and expectations.

    To ensure a safe, nurturing atmosphere, we will model and provide a consistent, structured and respectful learning environment.