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    What is it about movies?  Why are we so fascinated by them?  They move us, touch us, change us.  They make us smile, they make us cringe, they make us sob.  They give us hope.  They entertain us.  They get us through the rough times. 

    This winter, we're celebrating movies, starting with the many "Best" lists out there.   Here are links to a Top 10 of 2018 list by Wichita reviewer, Movie Maniac Rod Pocowatchit, the Top Ten movies of 2018 according to AMC Theaters, and my personal favorite, the Top 100 movie quotes of all time from The Hollywood Reporter.

    maniac      AMC     quotes

    How does anyone decide what's "BEST"?  By how the movie made you feel?  The number of tickets sold?  The acting, or the sets, or the costumes?  Or something else?  Now is your chance to decide for yourself.  Come into the Library to vote on your favorite movies in several categories! 

    Watch for the Movie Trivia Contest and Shorts @ Lunch coming soon!

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    Let's all pledge to choose reputable sources for our news. 

    Students and teachers alike can fall into the trap of believing whatever comes over their phones or devices, whether from social media or online sources.  Seek the Truth asks us all to be discerning and responsible, to check facts and sources. 

    Below are some sources to help you Seek the Truth.  You will also find many related articles printed at the Seek the Truth display in the Library.

    Media Bias Chart from Ad Fontes Media


    University of Michigan Research Guide

    u Mich


    We are excited to announce that online access to The New York Times is now available to the Marshall community. There is no user registration or log in required. As long as you are in the school building, you have web access to NYTimes.com on any device – computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

    Teachers, check out The Learning Network link for great ideas for using the NY Times in your class.



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    For the New Year, Mrs. Frederick is encouraging all of you to read at least a book a month - Let's Get Lit!  While you're doing it, you could also take the #ReadICT Challenge!  The Challenge asks for a book a month, but includes different categories to encourage readers to explore other books.  Category #1 for 2019?  A book with a face on the cover!

    Challenge forms are available at the circulation desk.

    To read more about the challenge, or to sign up online, click on the #ReadICT logo. You can also read the article by Wichita Eagle writer Suzanne Perez Tobias.

    ReadICT       photo of Suzanne Tobias 


    Book Tweet Recs

    The Kill Order by Dashner is about the human race on the brink of extinction. I like this book because it has lots of action and adventure.  ~Michael, 6th grade

    You should read SMILE, especially if you’re getting braces—it will prepare you for them. And it is very exiting!! #ReadTelgemeir  ~Gabriella, 6th grade

    Raina has messed up teeth and continues to face high school drama, as well as family drama, in SMILE by Telgemeir.  ~Lilyana, 7th grade

    Read a book about a kid just like you. Except for one thing: he lied 2 his crush. Amigo Brothers by Thomas  ~Graciela, 7th grade

    Amigo Brothers by Thomas:  #FriendshipAndCompetition  ~Erick, 7th grade

    When a girl named Rory turns twelve, her life starts changing and she tries new things.#12Finally by Moss  ~Emily, 6th Grade

    HILO by Winick is about a robotic kid from a different dimension. He goes to another dimension & meets an ordinary kid who got dragged into his problem: robots from his dimension are coming here. So they fight together and find a way to stop them.  ~Juan, 6th grade

    The Crossover is about a family, basketball games, and respecting a mothers love. Read Kwame Alexander's The Crossover.  ~Alondra, 6th grade

    survey Post YOUR next Book Tweet Rec here.