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    Let's all pledge to choose reputable sources for our news. 

    Students and teachers alike can fall into the trap of believing whatever comes over their phones or devices, whether from social media or online sources.  Seek the Truth asks us all to be discerning and responsible, to check facts and sources. 

    Below are some sources to help you Seek the Truth.  You will also find many related articles printed at the Seek the Truth display in the Library.


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  • #FindYourGenre

    Genre is the type of content of a book.  If you're not sure what type of book you'd like, think about what kind of movies or shows you watch.  Are they realistic or do they have elements of magic?  Action packed or romantic?  Serious or funny?

    Below are some genres with suggested books we have in the Library.  Checkout the big bulletin board for more ideas.

        adventure     Poetry     mystery      funny      fantasy

    RECOMMENDED:  Student Book Tweets and more!

    In Legends of the Sky, Milla takes us on a thrilling ride to the island of Acrosi with her dragon Ignotus, and a plot that might end all dragons. #LizFlanagan ~Elsa, 7th

    The Last Jew is about the Holocaust and how the Nazi’s killed “every Jew” and he’s the remaining one. It’s serious but has some humor to it. #readgoodbooks  ~Jonathan, 7th

    Rules by Cynthia Lord a good book about a 12 year old girl trying to help her brother with situations he might not understand.  ~Tatyanam, 8th

    Six Words on The Cellar by Natasha Preston:  Lily. Rose. Trapped. Help. Can’t Escape.  ~Winter, 8th

    If you like funny books with drama, then How I Survived Middle School: Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill is the book for you.  #JamesPatterson #HopeYouLikeIT   ~Deanthony, 6th

    Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black & Tonyt DiTerlizzi:  Man I’d love to go crusading with the best sword in all of fiction… a greatsword, standard sword, and rapier all combined into one. It’s like the perfect crusading sword. I’d love to go crusading and fight for land and stuff … but also not because murder isn’t the best. It’s just a cool sword.   ~Chris, 8th

    Deep, Dark and Dangerous by Hahn is really interesting because it’s a realistic story about 3 girls who grow up. 1 dies years later. The others come back with their kids and they find a girl who seems similar and is trying to get payback.  ~Andrea, 7th

    A Haiku about The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan:

    Very very sad, 

    But also kind of funny,

    Rick is a big troll.       ~Jacklynn, 7th

    Kidnapped by Gordon Korman: a book about a kidnapped girl who escapes by reading mystery books.   ~Marco, 8th

    Six words on Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan

    Action, Suspense, Excitement, Mystery, Fighting, Teamwork   ~Frankie, 8th

    Alien Androids Assault Arizona #byRand: They were swimming in a shallow water rives when one said, “There are monsters in the water that eat kids.” Just then something was licking their knees.  #Don’tLookNow   ~Juan, 6th

    Itachis Story: Midnight by Kishi Moto:  #MyFavoritePart: the main character betrays his clan to achieve power and stop war.  ~Tino, 7th

    Super Stars of Soccer is about Lionel Messi #professionalsoccerplayer  #2two soccer teams  #Whoisbetter? Messi or Cristian Rolando  ~Alan, 8th

    The Fault in Our Stars: all about a love life. Even if you have a disability you can still love someone.  #loveforall   ~River, 7th

    Silver Eyes is one of my favorite books by Scott Cawthon. I loved the story line and the characters #scary #awesome  ~Trent, 7th

    Six Words on Hoot by Carl Hiaasen:  In Hoot Roy helps the comminity.   ~Nadihra, 7th

    Leo and Morris counter an extreme earthquake in I Survived: The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 By Laura Tarshis.  ~Victor, 7th

    Jack and his friend live in an epic treehouse during the zombie apocalypse. After their last adventure they defeated a monster trying to summon a being into their world to destroy it. Soon they have to face the aftermath of not being summoned. They are chased by another evil seeking to destroy the world again. Read The Last Kids on Earth & The Nightmare King by Brailer Max  ~Manuel, 7th

    Six Words on Wonder by R.J. Palacio: Auggie wears a space helmet everyday.   ~Sylas, 7th

    I Survived The Batttle of Gettysburg 1863 by LaurenTarshis is mostly about a boy fighting for survival with his sister in the 1983 battle of Gettysburg. They escape from slavery and run to safety.  ~Juan, 7th

    Spaced Out by Stuart Gibbs: a moon base, the comander missing, someone has been poisoning. Is there a murderer on the base? #readgoodbooks  ~Sotero, 7th

    Six Words on Dr. Maniac, a Goosebumps story by R.L. Stine:  Interesting, creepy, plot twister, crazy man.  ~Yael, 7th

    An argr falls in love for eternity? Boy isn’t famous in a good way or bad, but for being a son of Frey. As their relationship grows, it gets harder to not die in the mortal world. They can only do VERY fun stuff, die and come back to life, in Valhalla! #readgoodbooks #AWESOMEbook Magnus Chase: The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan   ~Isaiah, 7th


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