• Secondary SmartLab®

    Middle School: Discovery. Exploration. Owning Their Learning.

    SmartLab® programs are carefully designed and provisioned for each grade level. Every program element – technology, classroom design, construction kits, curriculum, scope and sequence – works together to meet students where they are and take them as far as they are able.

    Middle school SmartLab® programs emphasize discovery and exploration. Teams of learners apply a wide range of technologies to project work as they rotate through a carefully crafted sequence of learning engagements. This ensures a broad base of foundational experiences and an ever-changing mix of ideas and inspiration.

    SmartLab® curriculum provides support where needed while encouraging and nurturing learner autonomy. Underlying principles in each system of technology are explored and learners build connections to core academic content. Tutorials, resource guides and project ideas are provided for every learning engagement.

    Middle school SmartLab® students are encouraged to choose an appropriate level of challenge, apply their own interests and learning styles, and explore questions of personal relevance. With increased autonomy, learners take more responsibility for their learning.

    ePortfolio templates guide learners as they maintain daily learning journals, create project presentations and reflect on their learning.

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    Project Lead The Way

    Join 350,000 students in 4,000 schools nation-wide in Project Lead The Way (PLTW). PLTW is a pre-engineering program for K-12 schools that prepares students to pursue careers in engineering, computer science, and related technical fields. PLTW provides a fully developed, project-based curriculum. Wichita State University is the Kansas Affiliate University for the PLTW Launch, Gateway, High School Engineering, and High School Computer Science Pathways.

    In Project Lead The Way classes, students complete hands-on activities where they apply and reinforce concepts in math and science while working as part of a team. Every PLTW teacher completes an extensive training in each course they teach. School counselors receive training and ongoing support to advise students concerning their education and their career choices.

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