About The Blackbear Bosin Program

  • Keeper of the Plains      Blackbear Bosin Academy is an alternative program within Jardine for regular education middle school students, who desire to strengthen their academic skills in a smaller learning environment.  Enrollment in the Blackbear Bosin Academy is limited to 90 students, with core academic class sizes limited to 15. This structure enables students and teachers to form a community of learners working toward the success of each team member.
    Blackbear Bosin Academy maintains the same high academic goals and curriculum standards utilized by all Jardine staff. Bosin students are eligible to participate in all extra-curricular opportunities offered at Jardine STEM and Career Explorations Academy.
    Student admission to the Blackbear Bosin Academy is based on an application and interview process.

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About Our Team

  • Blackbear Bosin's STEM unit is Ecological Engineers.  We are continuing with our butterfly garden project.            

    Some of the lessons students will be involved in this year include:

    • building the raised bed butterfly garden designed last year
    • estimating the impact their designs will have on the local ecosystem by determining how changes   to abiotic factors will affect other abiotic and biotic factors

    Cross-curricular connections include: 

    • math will use scale drawings to organize information about the amount of various elements of the design needed                  
    • social studies will examine the abiotic and biotic changes created by the agricultural revolution  
    • ELA will write and analyze nonfiction text and persuasive letter writing

    Career connections include architecture, civil engineering and applied mathematics.

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