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    Back row: Tristan Little, Mallela Sabas, Ali Wagner, Chris Ellsworth

    Front row: Misty Giefer, Jaclyn Russell, Sarah Forester, Danielle Carrington

    Not pictured: Jonathan Nichols 

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About Our Team

  • The 7th grade signature unit draws on all subjects to provide students with a deeper understanding of the impact that humans have on the environment.  In addition to exploring fossil fuel consumption along with the feasibility of various alternative energy solutions, students incur a more profound understanding of various forms of pollution, what causes it, and ultimately, what can be done to reduce it. They ultimately choose a focus to research deeper, and display their findings at the culminating "Footprints on the Future" fair.  


Team Announcments

  • On December 11th and 12th, Jardine 7th grade students will be going to Exploration Place. One half of the students will be going on the 11th and the other half on the 12th. Students will cycle through a Hands on Program, a Creator Space activity, a semi-guided Design-Build-Fly exhibit tour, and time in the rest of the exhibits, plus a live science show.

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