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    Front row; L to R: Doug Mowder, Carol Harrison, Adrian Mitchell, Kim Perrone, Kari Herpolsheimer, Echo Nevarez, Randy Goodman


    Back row; L to R:  Samanta Souriya, Linda Wisecarver, Katie Evans, Jackie Russell

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About Our Team

  • One of the units that students get to be a part of in 6th grade is our Animal Unit. 




    Another unit students get to be a part of in 6th grade is a Career Unit. In this unit students experience a variety of career opportunities. Students complete a career survey that matches potential career opportunities with student interest and skills. Students research education needed, average salaries, availability, and necessary character traits. During the unit students acquire real life application as it pertains to their career selection through distance learning opportunities, field trips, and hands on STEM modules.


    Students understand that there are options outside of what they are exposed to in their daily environment. Students are able to identify factors that influence their future career possibilities. By the completion of the unit students are able to answer the following questions:

    In what ways do my choices today impact my future career options?

    How can short term and long term goals assist in attaining my future career aspirations?

    What sets limitations in career opportunities?


    To wrap up the unit students create a visual summary of their chosen career. Student projects are presented digitally using the STEM resources that are available. This is a parent engagement evening event, students present to their families and the families of their peers.



Team Announcments

  • Progress Reports will be emailed on October 2nd. If you do not have an email address listed, your students progress report will be printed and given to them during 5th period. Please sign the report and have your student return it to their 5th period teacher. 

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