• 6th Grade Signature Unit:  

    Animal Habitat and Enclosure Project

    The 6th graders will spend time in Science researching an animal from the Sedgwick County Zoo. In Social Studies, students will then learn about the history of Zoo's. They will research the pros and cons of zoos and then have a debate on whether or not zoos should be allowed. In Math, students will be working on perimeter, area and volume of animal exhibits at the zoo. In LA, students will take everything that they learned and put it into an essay.




    6th Grade Signature Unit:  

    Discovering My Potential Career


    In this unit, 6th grade students learn about different careers, and individually chose a specific job path to research and present at a culminating career fair. Their choices are generated not only on perceived interest, but through hands-on science explorations based on potential career paths and market demand, as well as results from theCareer Cruising website. The Career Cruising website suggests top careers for the students based on an extensive assessment survey. Students explore a wide range of options for their future and expand their view of possibilites.

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