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  • Dr. Justin Hawpe
    Director of Categorical Programs
    (316) 973-4716


    Julie Valentine, Administrative Assistant

    Categorical Programs – Special Education

    Student Support Services

    AMAC, 903 S. Edgemoor, Wichita, KS  67218



    Campus Support - Supporting Schools with the Categorical Programs of Academic Life Skills and Mixed Abilities:


    Hollie Dawson-Butler - Executive Coordinator - Northeast Magnet High and Chester Lewis


    Amy Nolen - Northwest and Wilbur


    Bart Brittain - Gammon and Jackson


    Hollie Dawson-Butler - Benton and Cleaveland


    James Zamorano - Chisholm Life Skills, Mead and, Pleasant Valley Middle 


    Jennifer Lovett - Colvin, Franklin, Stanley, and Woodman


    Jerri Koeber - Chisholm Trail, College Hill, Enders, and Mueller


    Judy Ebersole - Brooks, Curtis, and Southeast


    Julie Cailteux - Little


    Kathy Byrd - East, Jardine, and Robinson


    Kim Nance - Isely


    Mary Hernandez-Blada - Stucky


    Melissa Kleinow - McCollom


    Stacie Morris - Gateway, Greiffenstein, Sowers, and Wells 


    Stephanie Ellzey - Heights


    Sylvia Rusk - Allen, Bostic, OK, and Ortiz


    Tamara McDonald - Beech and Seltzer


    Teresa Wheaton - North 


    Tiffany Slade - Truesdell and South


    Tuyet Johnson - Hadley and West