Pick up line
    Safety is our Priority!

    As a HYDE Community, we need to make sure we are following the guidelines below so ALL STUDENTS are safe entering or exiting on the Parent Pick up and Drop off side of the building!
    • Parents cannot leave their vehicles unattended in the Parent Pick Up Line.
    • PARENTS – please use the CROSSWALK (soon to be- by back gate) or on Glendale/1st. This stands to ensure that you and your student cross safely to the vehicles! Please do NOT cross in between cars. We want to set good examples for our students and keep every safe!
    • Students always need to EXIT THE VEHICLE on the school side and on the sidewalk.
    • Students can be dropped off and loaded as far back as the south side of big gate by playground.
    • Once a car has stopped to unload or load students, please do the same with your children if they are by the load/unload area.
    • Please do not wait until you are at the front of the line to let your child out of the car.
    • IF AT ANYTIME YOU need to talk to your child’s teacher or bring something into the building, you MUST park on the other side (east) of Glendale instead of staying in parent pick up.
    • It is important that this line of cars stay moving!
    Parent Pick Up and Drop Off procedures were designed to help both students and families by:
    1. Ensuring our students don’t have to cross any areas unsafely
    2. Helping out parents and making it convenient so they don’t have to get out of their cars to walk their student into or out of the school.
    3. Making sure students arrive and leave school on time.
    4. Getting parents into and out of the arrival and dismissal orderly and safely in a timely manner!
    Thank you for helping us keep our Parent Drop Off and Pick Up running safely and smoothly.