What is CHAMPS?



    Hyde uses a district-wide behavior program called CHAMPS. We use this program to explain the expectations for each activity. Each letter in the word CHAMPS stands for a behavioral expectation. We make sure the following expectations are clear before the start of each activity. The goal of CHAMPS is to prevent disruptive behaviors from occurring by providing clear and consistent expectations. 


    C- Conversation - What should your voice level be at this time? 

    H- Help - Is it appropriate to ask for help now? Who do I ask? How do they ask?

    A- Activity - What activity are we doing?

    M- Movement - Can you get out of your seat? Get a drink? Use the restroom? Etc. 

    P- Participation - How do you participate? Should you raise your hand?

    S- Success for All - When we all follow these expectations, we can be successful students.

CHAMPions in the Common Areas

  • Beagle Bucks! 


    CHAMPS is used to teach and show students how to act in different areas of our building. When students do any incredible job, they are rewarded with Beagle Bucks. These bucks can be used to earn prizes including- beagle braclets, leadership recognition and even used during our yearly school carnival as tickets to earn a prize from each teacher. 




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