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    IMPORTANT ParentVUE Information

    Access to Student Information


    USD 259 is pleased to announce that the parents of students at Christa McAuliffe Academy will have an opportunity during the 2014-2015 school year to access their student’s school information from their home computer or smart phone, using the new ParentVUE portal or the free ParentVUE mobile apps.


    Parents and students can access information on assignments, grades, attendance, health visits and demographic information using ParentVUE. Information on upcoming school and district deadlines and events is also available.


    Key Benefits of using ParentVUE


    • Increased Home-School Communications
    • Real-time Student Progress Reporting (Seven Days a week, 24 hours a day)
    • Increased Parent Involvement


    Access to information for each student is secured through a password to allow only authorized individuals to view the information for each student.  It is accessed through a web browser on your computer and requires only minimal setup. 


    Personal computer hardware and software is NOT supported by the Wichita Public Schools’ Information Services and Technology Department.


    To help ensure a trouble-free connection, your computer must meet the following minimum requirements:


    Windows Workstation Software/Hardware Requirements for ParentVUE


    Operating System




    Adobe Acrobat Reader


    Clock Speed

    System Memory Requirements

    Windows XP

    Any Web Browsers currently supported by the browser vendor

    Latest Version

    233MHz Processor


    Windows Vista

    Any Web Browsers currently supported by the browser vendor

    Latest Version

    1GHz Processor


    Windows 7

    Any Web Browsers currently supported by the browser vendor

    Latest Version

    1GHz Processor


    Windows 8

    Any Web Browsers currently supported by the browser vendor

    Latest Version

    1GHz Processor



    Apple Macintosh Machines Need the Following Combination

    Operating System


    Adobe Acrobat Reader

    O/S X

    Any Web Browsers currently supported by the browser vendor

    Latest Version



    If you are interested is using this new system to access information for your student(s), please complete the request form that is included and return it to the school office at CMA.  Upon receipt of your request form, a unique activation key will be created for you to use to activate your account.  You will receive a ParentVUE Activation Key letter with instructions on how to activate your account, along with instructions for using the ParentVUE portal.  The person filling out the request form must show a picture ID at the time of pick up.  Only the person requesting the password can pick up the information packet.


    If you have any questions regarding ParentVUE, please contact:


    Name: Jeanette Jenkins           


                                                    Phone Number:    316-973-6800                                                  





    Enterprise Elementary School

    3605 S Gold

    Wichita, KS 67215




    Instructions for completing this form:

    A request form must be completed for each parent in the family requesting access to ParentVUE. 

    A copy of this form will be given to you for your files and one copy maintained at the school.  The form must be completely filled out before it can be processed.  If you have questions regarding ParentVUE or this access form, please contact your school.


    For the purpose of reviewing student records of my student(s) listed below, I request access to the Wichita Public Schools ParentVUE program that is available electronically to parents of students who attend Wichita Public Schools. I agree that, as a condition to my being granted access to ParentVUE; I will immediately notify the office staff of the school my student(s) attend if I unintentionally access student records for any student other than my student(s) listed below. In addition, I agree that if I do not immediately notify office staff that I unintentionally obtained access to records of any other student than my student(s) listed below, or if I intentionally access records of any other student other than my student(s) listed below, my access to ParentVUE will be terminated.  I understand that a termination of my access to ParentVUE will not affect my rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act to otherwise obtain educational records that pertain to my student(s).


    I currently have ParentVUE and my user name is:                                                                                                              





    Last Name                                                                       First Name      ______                                         



    Street                                                                                              City, Zip

    Day Phone                                                            Email:                            ______                                                          




    Parent Signature                                                                                                                             Date


    (The person who signed this form must present a photo ID to pick up the Activation Key for this request.)

    I am requesting access to ParentVUE for my children listed below



    Last Name


    First Name

    Middle Initial

    Date of Birth







































    Date                                                          School Year                                       



    Student ID Numbers: