• Breakfast & Lunch

    Breakfast begins at 8:20 a.m and ends at 8:50 a.m. The lunch schedule varies by grade level. The cafeteria is open for lunch from 12:05-1:25. Students eat at the following times.

    Kindergarten -- 12:05-12:25

    1st Grade -- 12:25-12:45

    2nd Grade -- 12:45-1:05

    3rd Grade -- 12:25-12:45

    4th Grade -- 1:05-1:25

    5th Grade -- 12:45-1:05



         When a child is absent or late, a parent should notify the school promptly.  Instruction takes place from the 9:00 a.m. bell until the dismissal bell at 4:40. Please avoid arriving late or leaving early. When possible schedule doctor and dentist appointments on days we are not in school, or on early dismissal days.  If your child has to be absent, please call 316-973-7300.



    Visiting the School

         Families are encouraged to visit the school and become involved in the school programs and activities. Before visiting, please contact the classroom teacher to arrange for classroom visits. All visitors must sign in and out throug the office using the Hall Pass Visitor Mangagement System.



         Students may have work to complete at home. Most of the time homework will include reading fluency practice and math fact and computation practice. Please talk to your child's classroom teacher if you need information about your child's homework assignments or expectations.  Please give several hours notice if you need to pick up work for an absent student.


    Student Health

         Parents must advise the office or nurse if their child has a health problem that impacts the school day. Please note that only medicine prescribed by a doctor can be given at school. In case of illness or injury it is vital that school personnel is able to contact a parent or guardian. Please keep your contact information and that of emergency contacts current and correct.  


    Severe Weather

         If severe weather such as a tornado or downpour occurs near dismissal time students will be kept in the building until school or district personnel deems it safe to dismiss students. If under a tornado warning, students are not allowed to leave the buillding and will remain in the safe room.  Please call 316-973-7300 for updated weather information on inclement days. School closures due to snow will be announced on the district website, social media, and local news stations.