Academic Programs

    • Full Day Kindergarten

      • Benton has 3 classrooms for Full Day Kindergarten

    • 1st - 5th Grades

      • Our school has 3 classes per grade level in all grades but 4th. Our 4th grade is comprised of 2 classes.

    • Targeted Intervention and Enrichment Programs

      • Each day we have specified times to focus on both Math and Reading skills to help students of all levels achieve their highest potential

    • Social-Emotional Curriculum

      • In the 2016-2017 school year we will be implementing a social-emotional curriculum called Peace First. This program empowers students with the abilities to interact, communicate, and collaborate effectively and positively with their peers. 

      • This curriculum is divided into 2 parts:

        1. Direct teaching of how to use the skills taught by Peace First in daily life.

        2. A community service project implementing the skills the students have learned.

    • Interrelated Special Education

    • Academic Life Skills