• The Robotics Team at Linwood Elementary is a leadership program. Students will learn how to design, build and program robots in teams using teamwork skills, problem-solving, abstract concepts of math, engineering and computer programing. The design and programing of the robots increase in complexity each year allowing continuous educational growth.

    How to enroll:

    The robotic club at Linwood is a leadership program so students must be nominated by teachers and only a certain amount is taken every year.


    Students who are in robotics cannot miss more than two classes due to the fact that the skills learned build upon each other. The ONLY exception would be if the reason is due to medical issues. Robotics club is a commitment from students and parents alike. Students who miss more than two classes for unexcused reasons will be dismissed from the club.

    Due to this being a leadership program, misbehavior at school or on fieldtrips can lead to dismissal from the robotics club.