• Caldwell Elementary School began its existence at Jefferson School in the fall of 1950. Regular Jefferson pupils attended the morning shift; Caldwell and Fabrique pupils attended the afternoon session. The pupils and teaching staffs of Caldwell and Fabrique were moved to the original south wing of the present Caldwell plant in January 1951. Fabrique staff and pupils moved into their new building in March 1951.

    In 1951, Caldwell consisted of a principal, 13 classroom teachers and an enrollment of approximately 400 pupils. The school was built to serve the educational needs of a new community which developed rapidly on the periphery of southeast Wichita. The school was erected on the same campus with Curtis Junior High School and Wichita High School Southeast. This location enabled pupils residing in the district to obtain 12 years of uninterrupted schooling within walking distance of their homes.

    Ullysses S. Grant was president in 1871 when Marvin Beal obtained a $200 grant for 160 acres of land on which Caldwell School is located. Beal immediately sold the land to Joseph Taylor for $500. In 1882, Taylor sold the parcel to a Mr. Disbrow for $2,600. In 1950, the Wichita Board of Education paid $75,000 for 60 acres of this land. Caldwell School was located on 6.1 acres of this purchase.

    Caldwell School was named in honor of Mr. Charles Stuart Caldwell, a member of the Wichita Board of Education from 1874 to 1877 and secretary of the Board from 1896-1910.