• Clark Elementary is a neighborhood school that can range from 300 to 350 students. The staff at Clark work very well together in order to provide student success both in and out of the classroom. We continue to learn new teaching strategies so that student achievement can be increased.

    The class sizes at Clark are low with the help of additional teachers. We have two kindergarten, two 1st grade, two 2nd grade, two 3rd grade, two 4th grade, and two 5th grade classrooms. Currently, we have a morning and afternoon session of pre-kindergarten that includes a fully integrated Developmentally Delayed program.

    We also participate in the Title I School Wide Program which is designed to help schools with a higher number of students qualifying for free and reduced meals. With the additional funds that we receive, we are able to purchase equipment, supplies, instructional materials and personnel. An Instructional Coach is used to assist staff as part of the Title I program. In addition, a Parent and Community Resource Worker is provided to assist parents with ways to be involved in their child’s learning.