• Welcome to Technology at Christa McAuliffe Academy:



    Explorations in Technology 1:

    A one 9-week exporatory rotation for 6th grade students to learn to use a variety of computer applications.  These include word processors, spreadsheets, presentation software, photo-editing software, and 3D modeling software.  Students will also practice touch-typing skills striving for correct fingering.


    Explorations in Technology 2:


    A semeter class exploring Design & Modeling.  This is a part of our Project Lead the Way program.  Students will have an introduction to engineering concepts including planning, designing, 3D modeling, building and testing prototypes.  They wil complete projects that address measurement (with rulers and dial calipers), dimensioning multi-view drawings, conducting statistical analysis, and 3D CAD modeling.


    Explorations in Technology 3:

    Tech3 A semeter class exploring Automation & Robotics. This is a part of our Project Lead the Way program.  Students will be introduced to engineering concepts including building and analyzing various gear mechanisms, designing and testing prototypes of machines to accomplish various tasks, learning basic programming to automate the performance of machines.  Students will complete a number of projects using the VEX EDR robotics platform and the RobotC programming language.


    Computer Coding 1:


    A semester class introducing computer programming concepts.  Students will learn about variables, program flow-control, processing input and output, finding and correcting errors.  They will use the Python language to create programs which accomplish specific goals. 


    Student Technology Leadership:
    STL A year-long class for students interested in applying technology.  Students will learn about a number of ways technology is used in publishing.  Skills will include photography, desktop publishing, programming and web design, and video production.  STL students will help support a variety of CMA programs and could also represent CMA at the WSTL competition and the KSTL competition at Kansas State University in the spring.