• Pre-K & Kindergarten Magnet Theme:

    Beginning Arts, Technology & Science

    Start at the beginning: Introduction & exploration of concepts. Young children begin to construct many concepts during the pre-primary period, including scientific, mathematical & artistic. They also develop the processes that enable them to apply their newly acquired concepts, expand existing concepts, and develop new ones. As they enter the primary period, children apply these early, basic concepts when exploring more abstract inquiries and concepts.


    First Grade Magnet Theme:

    P.E. & NUTrition, Food Science

    Academic achievement improves when students receive a healthful diet and when they can be physically active throughout the school day. First graders (P.E.nuts) will develop positive diet and exercise behaviors that set the tone for a lifetime of healthy choices. We well explore the science behind “food as fuel” and look at how our bodies are put together and how each part works in connection with the others to control movement.



    Second Grade:

    Creative Arts & Nature/Environmental Science

    “Art and Science have their meeting point inmethod.” – Earl Edward GeorgeBulwer Lytton. Second graders (CRANES) will enrich their education through scientific exploration ofart,environment and nature while discovering the beauty behind the science and creating artistic masterpieces that reflect their findings

    Third Grade:

    Music Understanding & Scientific Exploration

    This is the age of exploration. Third graders (MUSE) will seek answers through an education enriched with creative exploration in the musical arts and scientific experimentation - providing children with a foundation to cultivate critical thinking skills, a sense of adventure, appreciation for music & sound and the ability to bring creative thinking into everyday problem solving. We are looking to be inspired!


    Fourth Grade: Physics of Dance:

    Force, Angle, Momentum, Equilibrium

    Physics and dance represent remarkably complementary approaches to human body movement. Fourth graders (FAME) will study motion, gravity and force and the relationship they have with a dancers body in motion.
    Fifth Grade:

    Performing Arts & Theatrical Technology

    Collaboration and creativity are key components of the interdisciplinary study of theatre, engineering, performance art and film & video. Fifth graders (it’s a PARTY) will explore diverse theatrical forms and practices, from the scripted play to actor-created theater to musical theater and will seek to advance their understanding of technology-based arts through performance.