• Robinson Picture

    Robinson is located on the east side of Wichita in the College Hill and Lincoln Heights area. The three story building was completed in 1931 in the then popular Art Deco style and is enjoyed by all who enter its doors.
    Date of Initial Construction: 1932; the Robinson bond project began in the spring of 2003 and was completed in fall of 2004. It brought a new cafeteria, remodeled science classrooms, air conditioning, additional classrooms, new vocal and instrumental classrooms, and upgraded infrastructure. 
    The site for Robinson School at the northeast corner of Oliver and Second Streets was secured through condemnation procedures which were approved by the Board of Education on April 6, 1931. Plans for the new school by the architect, Ed Forsblom, were accepted on that date.
    At the May 1931 Board meeting, it was decided the school would be called the Charles Robinson Intermediate School after the first Governor of the State of Kansas. Bids were received on July 6, 1931, and contracts totaling $194,980 were awarded.
    This was during the "great depression," and the records show the Board of Education purchased 343 student desks at $2 each from C.H. Westgate in April 1932. They also purchased $408 worth of used industrial arts equipment from Fred Buckley, a private individual, to save money. Cafeteria equipment was purchased for $3,532.
    On July 15, 1932, Robinson was inspected and accepted by the Board of Education. Paul H. Good was named the first principal. The building was formally opened and dedicated on October 21, 1932.
    In its first year nearly 300 students attended Robinson. East Wichita continued to grow, and to house the increasing student population, permanent additions were constructed in 1937 and 1948. The 1937 construction provided a six-room addition at the cost of $51,250. The second addition in 1948 added nine classrooms, a shop, and an enlargement of the school cafeteria.
    From 1957 through 1963, nine portable classrooms were added. The student population at Robinson by 1964 had reached 1,100 students in grades seven, eight and nine. In 1961, all Wichita intermediate schools were retitled junior high schools, so the school became Robinson Junior High School. A new spectator gymnasium was constructed in 1976. The existing boys' gym was converted into a library, while the old library was remodeled into a classroom, a conference room and a language laboratory. In 1993, the boiler was replaced.
    In the fall of 1988, all ninth graders were moved to high schools leaving seventh and eighth graders. In the fall of 1989, all junior high schools became middle schools (6-8).
    In 1995, the Board of Education approved the concept of a middle school international baccalaureate to be housed at Robinson. Plans began immediately to implement the program beginning the fall of 1996.

    From A History of Wichita Public School Buildings, c 1996