• After School Program Sponsored by the YMCA

    3:20 to 5:00 pm Monday-Thursday

    In session for 2018-19: Sept 17-Dec 6 & Jan 33-May 2 

    • Usual Daily Schedule

    After Check-In, students will join a variety of activites including study time and a free snack.     

    Dismissal, Pickup and Bus Departure: 5:00  PM   

    No program on early dismissal days           

    Late Bus Information

    Route 801 Runs all year for sports, Route 802 listed second below, follows the After School Program Calendar 

      801 Leaves Hadley-5 pm

        1045 High (Black Elem)-5:12 pm

         W 13th & N Saint Paul (on St Paul)-5:15 pm

         1510 Payne (Marshall Middle)-5:20 pm

         E 11th & Ohio-5:26 pm

         E 10th & Cleveland-5:27 pm

         E 20th & N Minneapolis-5:33 pm

         E 19th & N Minnesota-5:35 pm

         N Erie & Stadium (North Intersection)-5:38 pm

         Stadium & N Lorraine-5:39 pm

         E 18th & N Volutsia-5:40 pm

         2400 N Opportunity Dr (B&G Club)-5:44 pm

      802 Leaves Hadley-5 pm

         Murdock & Boyd-5:12 pm

         Shade Ln & Par Lane (East Entrance) it's close           to the YMCA-5:16 pm

         3440 Maple-(Lawrence Elem)-5:24 pm

         1601 S Edwards (Payne Elem)-5:30 pm

         1749 S Martinson-(Stanley Elem)-5:35 pm

         2101 W 45th S (Cessna Elem)-5:47 pm

    General Guidelines

    • A student must have a completed and signed permission slip turned in to participate in After School Program activities.
    • All school rules are in effect throughout the After School Program and events. 
    • No electronics—students may call or answer their family’s call or communication with permission; otherwise all electronics are put away all the time
    • Follow adult instruction the first time. 
    • Sit down while in the commons.
    • All students will use appropriate language, behavior, and be respectful to adults and peers. 


    • Consequences for failure to meet expectations
      • 1st incident - receive a warning
      • 2nd incident - time out from the activity
      • 3rd incident - the student may not be allowed back to the After School Program for a time frame up to and including the rest of the semester.
    • If behavior is a problem during a field trip:
      • The student will be suspended from the next field trip.
      • If a 2nd behavior problem occurs on a field trip with the same student, s/he will be suspended from all remaining field trips for the semester and may receive suspension from the After School Program.


    • This is an activity based program.  Each student is expected to be appropriately involved in the activity s/he signed in for.
    • Once a student is in an activity, s/he must stay in that activity for the remainder of that day.


    • Students must remain in an area supervised by the After School Program.
    • Doors to the After School Program are locked once school is over and the building has cleared until 5:00 pm when the After School Program ends. 
    • A leader is usually in the commons during the program hours-- families may enter the school from the bus ramp/commons area through door 4.
    • Students must stay in supervised areas and may leave the After School Program when a parent/guardian picks them up.  Students should check-out with a rec leader or the site coordinator.
    • If a student leaves before the After School Program is over without checking out, s/he may receive consequences up to or including suspension from the After School Program for four After School Program days.

    Field Trips

    • See calendar for scheduled field trips.
    • Field trips are for students who regularly attend the program.
    • Students who attend on Monday and Tuesday are given priority on the field trip bus—which holds 65 students.

    Study Time

    • We have approximately 30 minutes of study time Mon, Tue, and Thurs in our program.
    • Students must bring work and/or reading materials to use during study time.
    • Students who are on the AFL list will attend tutoring sessions if they sign into the program on Mon or Thurs. Students who are on the AFL list and attending the After School Program must bring the work they need assistance with or need to finish.
    • Tutoring is offered on Mon, Tues, and Thurs, 3:20-4:10 in B-1. Students must bring assignments with them to the tutoring session.
    • Students are welcome to attend After School Activities after they finish tutoring.
    Leadership as annouced by the sponsor.
    National Academic League--NAL
       as announced by the NAL coach.
    Volleyball-see Volleyball tab on the website.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Top Things to Know About the Hadley Middle School After School Program

    We are sponsored by the YMCA.

    Kids get a free snack after school.

    They can talk with their friends and spend time with them AT SCHOOL.

    Study time everyday…and tutoring is available as needed. It is just the right amount, not too much, not too little.

    Students are supervised after school.

    Dismissal is at 5:00 pm every day we are in session.

    Field trip to the West YMCA