Purple Mile Domestic Violence Awareness Walk

    This year will be the third year that the Coleman World Changers will play an important role in the Purple Mile Domestic Violence Awareness Walk.  The purpose of the walk is awareness and prevention of domestic / dating violence,  as well as remembering the victims in our area who were killed during the past year as a result of domestic violence.  The World Changers make posters that they hold and display at the walk, in order to stand as silent living witnesses for those who were killed, so the participants in the walk can recognize, remember, and honor these victims.  In the process of preparing for the walk, I also teach the students a lot about domestic violence, including red flags, what healthy relationships look like, statistics, etc.


    The walk is held at WSU and will be on October 13th (a Saturday) at 9:00 a.m. The students involvment could be as little as attending the walk or as much as helping make posters to carry at the walk with statistics, red flags, safe / effective ways to help, etc.