• Thursday, March 28th--No practice due to Orchestra and Band Activities

    Friday, March 29th practice as normal with hurdles after

    Saturday, March 30---NO practice due to projected weather

    Saturday, March 6th--Reschedule practice, 9-10am Hurdles, 10-1130am-Team, 1130-1150-Long Jump


    Track and Field season begins Monday, March 18, 2019! We are looking forward to a wonderful season. Track is mostly an individual sport. If you want to do well, you must work hard! You must start running on your own time and continue through spring break. The more miles YOU put in, the faster YOU will run. Track takes dedication and hard work to be successful.


    Track and Field is open to seventh and eighth grade boys and girls. All participants must have a current physical, positive behavior, maintain a "C" average in each class, and not be on the D/F list before the first day of practice.


     Events For Middle School Track and Field

    Open Events:   

    • 75m Hurdles
    • 100m Dash
    • 200m Dash
    • 400m Dash
    • 800m Run
    • 1600m Run


    • 400m Relay (4X1)
    • 800m Relay (4X2)
    • Medley Relay (200m, 200m, 400m, 800m)
    • 1600m Relay (4X4)

    Field Events:   

    • Shot Put (6lbs-girls, 8lbs-boys)
    • High Jump
    • Long Jump