In accordance to the Kansas Compulsory Attendance Statue (KSA 72-1111) we expect our students to attend ALL classes every day. If a student is ill or not coming to school it is the parent’s or legal guardian’s responsibility to contact the school on the day of the absence prior to 10:00AM. Parents/Guardians must leave the full name of their child and reason for the absence with the attendance clerk. A student will be allowed 12 hours of illness. After 12 hours the student must have a medical note from a doctor. Any student who knows of an anticipated absence must notify the office 72 hours prior to the absence and the parent/guardian must fill out a “Request to Be Absent” form and an administrator must approve the absence and then request the homework for the duration of the absence.

    When it is projected that, because of physical or mental health problems, a student shall be absent for three weeks or more, a parent/guardian shall contact the social worker at 973-3914 for a homebound referral. . 

    Attendance Clerk........................973-3870



    Students are required to be in the classroom on time. Those students remaining in the hallways after the bell has rung are considered to be tardy or truant. Students who need to see the nurse, a counselor, or an assistant principal must first go to their regular classroom and obtain a pass from their teacher. Students detained in a previous class MUST obtain a pass from that teacher for entry into the next class. NO PASSES are to be written to leave the room during the first and last 10 minutes of each period.


    ALL students will receive a one-week grace period at the beginning of the school year in August. No tardies will be recorded during that first week in order to allow students time to familiarize themselves with the building and their schedule.


    All students will be allowed two tardies per class per semester for a total of 40 tardies. Any tardies past those limits will result in a lunch detention. Students will find inside the front cover of their Planner a place where teachers will sign and date the student’s tardies to class. (A student with no agenda will automatically forfeit their free tardy.) Once a student exceeds the two tardies per class per semester, the teacher will fill out a Lunch Detention slip. The yellow copy will be handed to the student immediately to serve as his notification of the detention the next day. The white copy is to be given to the North Office who will add the names to the next day’s Scoop.


    Tardy Policy

    Students who are tardy to class are subject to a sweep and/or other consequences for their tardy up to

    and including:        

    Lunch Detention/Parent Contact/Parent Conference/In School Suspension



    All Wichita middle school students are expected to arrive at school on time each day.  Students who are not in class after the final bell has rung are considered tardy and expected to report to the main office to sign in and receive a class admit slip.  Students will be given excused admit slips for late arrival for the following reasons:  late buses, medical appointments, or required appearances in court.  Documentation must be provided in order to receive an excused admit slip.  Students who arrive late to school for any of the reasons not listed above will be given an unexcused admit slip and will be issued a school consequence.  We do understand that things outside of our control do occasionally  happen so, each student is allowed one “free” tardy per quarter before consequences will be given.



    If you need to take your child out of school before the school day ends at 3:10 PM, you MUST notify the attendance office in writing or by phone. You also MUST come to the attendance office to sign your child out of the school. Please be prepared to provide identification if requested. This is for the security of your child.

    Attendance Office....................................973-3870


    Students are responsible for collecting and making up all required work. The makeup time will be equal to the number of days the pupil was absent plus one day. Parents/guardians may call the appropriate office for their student's assignments missed during an extended absence (three or more days). Teachers are to be given a reasonable amount of time, generally 24 hours, to prepare the requested assignments.  


    It is the responsibility of the pupil to make up assignments. The teacher shall make reasonable efforts to

    encourage and assist the pupil to make up missed assignments, shall give credit for such work, and shall

    allow a pupil a reasonable period of time to complete such missed assignments.



    Parents are asked to inform the office if there is a change of address or telephone number. Stop by or call the office and tell the secretary the new information. She can enter it in the computer as you tell her the new address or phone number. Please be sure that emergency information is accurate and up-to-date for your child's safety. It is essential that we maintain working numbers for parents and emergency contacts. Proof of address may be required. If your address is no longer in the Truesdell attendance area, you will be given the opportunity to apply for a special transfer. Parents can also submit changes to address and emergency contacts online using their ParentAssist account.


    Parents with questions about their student's account may call the Cafeteria Manager at 973-3917.

    The cafeterias have well-established routines to maximize the time students have to eat. Student-to-student food exchanges are not allowed. Our experience, based on many years of serving students, is that some students will give up their food or lunch money because they feel intimidated. If, however, a student has an unopened milk, whole piece of fruit, or wrapped food item, they are permitted to leave said item in a designated area upon leaving the cafeteria.


    Serious infractions of school policy will result in a student receiving an office referral. Student referrals will be sent electronically to an administrator as soon as an incident occurs.   The referral will be handled by a building administrator who will handle the discussion and consequences for the referral. Consequences will depend on the individual committing the infraction and the nature of the infraction. Parents may be contacted via telephone or other means of communication. Parents are encouraged to call if there are ever any questions regarding the incident and/or the consequences documented. Parents of students who are on teams 61, 62 and 72 should contact Assistant Principal, Wendy McDaniel at 973-3905. Parents of students on teams 71, 81, and 82 should contact Assistant Principal, Pancho Bustos at 973-3912.



    A student may be given a day of In-School Suspension for disciplinary reasons. ISSR is an effort by the Truesdell Administration to keep students at school albeit separated from the majority of their peers. The experience is meant to be unpleasant to the extent that the student’s freedom to move about, to talk, to see friends, etc. is severely curtailed. ISSR is located in Room 316. Students report to ISSR 1st Hour and remain for the rest of the day. Lunch is served in the 300 cafeteria at a separate time from the other grade level lunches. ISSR students take scheduled restroom breaks. Students are expected to bring their school books and materials with them along with a book to read. Teachers will provide their daily work for them. Additional material may be used to help students reflect on why they are in trouble and how to avoid it in the future. A list of ISSR rules can be found in your student’s Planner.


    Certain actions by students are automatic grounds for suspension from school in which students will not be permitted to attend school, but are still responsible for any work missed during the length of their suspension.



    Many students report that bullying is a problem at school. Today adults are paying more attention to students who complain about being bullied. At Truesdell, students are expected to treat their peers with respect. Not everyone will like everyone else, but there is no reason for any student to bully, harass, or threaten another student. The student being bullied MUST go to an adult. Some bullies will not stop until an adult intervenes. Do not allow the bullying to continue for a long period of time before reporting the bully. If your child complains about being bullied, harassed, intimidated, or threatened at school, you need to call your student's administrator Usually the situation will immediately improve; however, if it does not, you and/or your child needs to notify his administrator that the problem is on-going. If the administrator doesn't hear differently, it will naturally be assumed that the problem has been resolved. On occasion, a bully will require more serious intervention before he/she understands that this behavior will not be tolerated.



    If a student lives two and one half miles or more from school, s/he is eligible to ride a school bus free of charge. Information about bus routes can be obtained in the Main and North Offices. Students should arrive EARLY at the designated school bus stops and should WAIT until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to board. At all times while on the bus, students should follow the posted bus rules and the directions of the driver. Any misconduct on the bus can cause the driver to be distracted and/or jeopardize the safety of the students on the bus as well as other vehicles on the road. It is the right of every pupil being transported to receive this service in the safest possible manner. In order to ensure this, it is necessary for all transported pupils to know and to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the State and Local Boards of Education. We urge the parents/guardians of transported pupils to help their children understand the importance of these rules as they relate to their personal safety. Bus Rules and Regulations can be found in your student's Planner in the handbook section.


    In general, the following list of consequences will be followed, but these may be modified at the discretion of the administration. 

                The 1st referral will result in a warning with a phone call to the parent(s). 

                The 2nd referral will result in a one-day suspension from riding the bus.

                The 3rd referral will result in a two-day suspension from riding the bus.

                The 4th referral will result in a three-day suspension from riding the bus.

                The 5th referral will result in a four-day suspension from riding the bus.


    After the 5th referral, the parents and student will be required to attend a Bus Behavior Management Plan meeting with an administrator. Any further bus referral will thereafter result in a five-day suspension from riding the bus.


    If a student acquires three referrals after the implementation of the Bus Behavior Management Plan, the student's privilege to ride the bus for the remainder of the school year will be revoked. BOE Policy P7311 provides for the administration's right to permanently remove a student from bus transportation with cause. Fighting or serious offenses on the bus will result in a three- to five-day suspension from school.


    Students who ride the bus on a "space available basis" will be under more stringent rules due to their special status.  If a bus rider wishes to have another student ride the bus home with him/her, a note from both students' parents must be presented to the Bus Supervisor in the South Office no later than 10:30 AM. Students who make such requests at the end of the day will NOT be granted permission. If permission is granted, the bus driver will receive written notification of the additional rider.



    Due to our crowded conditions,students are not allowed to bring visitors to school other than parents or legal guardians. All visitors must sign in at the Main Office and get a Visitor's Badge.

    Talk to our Volunteer Coordinator, Alicia Bunting, 973-3903 about our "Red Chair" program. We encourage all parents/guardians to come to Truesdell and visit their student’s classrooms.



    ·         Pants and shorts must be worn at student's natural waistline. Sagging is not allowed!

    ·         Shorts, skirts, and jumpers must be fingertip length.

    ·         Clothing shall be sized correctly to fit the student. Tops and bottoms should not be excessively baggy, small, or tight.

    ·         Shirts and blouses must have sleeves, cover midriff, cleavage, skin and underwear while sitting or standing. 

    ·         Students cannot wear clothing or jewelry that depicts weapons, drugs/alcohol, gang affiliation, etc.

    ·         Excessive make-up, body piercing, hair color, and body markings are not allowed and will be determined by an administrator.

    ·         No hats/bandanas/sunglasses/gloves/coats/backpacks/purses(large enough to carry a book) may be worn or carried

    ·         House slippers (soft soled shoes) are not allowed

    *Administration reserves the right to address individual dress code issues that may have not been explicitly addressed in the planner



    Student progress is reported several times per quarter by either a Progress Report or a Report Card. The Progress Reports will be mailed home. Your student’s Team may require the Progress Report and/or Report Card to be signed by a parent and returned to school.


    The District has an on-line system, Parent Assistant, which allows parents to access their students’ grades and attendance. Parents will sign up for this service at enrollment.



    Students and staff are issued photo IDs that are properly displayed when worn on a lanyard around the neck or on a clip at the collar or shoulder. In any case, the name and photo of the individual are to be easily seen and read by others. Failure to properly display an ID will result in no passes to leave the room and having to go to the rear of the lunch line. Other privileges may also be affected. Students who do not properly display their Truesdell ID will be issued an alternative ID to wear. In all cases, students and staff are expected to properly display their ID badges once they enter the building and until such time as they leave the building at the end of the day. Students are cautioned against defacing or mutilating their ID's. Students who do so will be required to purchase a replacement ID.


    If a student becomes ill in school, he should request a pass from the teacher to see the nurse. Students who are ill MUST call home from the nurse's office. Students should not leave the building without authorization from the nurse. If the nurse is not in, students are to report to the Attendance Center.

    Medication: Any student needing medication while at school must have a statement of permission signed by his/her physician and a parent/guardian. A labeled bottle with student's name and dosage is required and the bottle should be left in the nurse's office. No student is to have medicine in his/her locker or on his/her person.



    Students riding bicycles to school are to park their bikes in the racks on the west side of the school building (Glenn Street). Bicycles should be locked to the rack. Students who do not have bikes at school are expected to stay away from the racks and bikes. Skateboards, scooters, and bicycles are not to be ridden on school grounds. That means, stay off your bike, skateboard or scooter until you are off school property entirely.  Remember, it is not safe to ride your skateboard or scooter when there are many pedestrians using the same sidewalk. Bus riders are not allowed to bring their skateboard or scooter to school. Skateboards and scooters must be kept in the student’s locker until the end of the day and carried off school grounds. Students who frequently break the rules about skateboards and scooters will have them confiscated, and a parent will need to come claim the item. Under no circumstances will students be allowed to use any Truesdell ramps, steps, or sidewalk areas to skateboard.


    For those parents who deliver and pick up their students by car, please remember and observe the following procedures:  

    ·         Please load and unload your students on the east (Truesdell) side of Glenn. Do not load and unload your students on the West (Woodman) side of Glenn.

    ·         Please do not allow your student to enter your vehicle unless it is parked on the east side of Glenn. Every year we have students who dart out to enter their parent’s vehicle as it is traveling down Glenn. This is extremely dangerous and also delays through traffic on Glenn.

    ·         Please be alert to students crossing at corners and at the crosswalk. 

    ·         Please be aware of and observant of the “NO PARKING” signs along Glenn. It is illegal to park in the cross walks, to park on both sides of the street and there are 2 “NO PARKING ANY TIME” areas along Glenn. Wichita Police have frequently ticketed parents as they wait to collect their children.

    ·         If your child is still waiting for you after 3:20, he or she will be asked to move to the porch area outside the main entrance to continue waiting for you. This allows us to continue to supervise and monitor your child.



    Principal                                  Terrell Davis                             973-3902                    TDavis@usd259.net


    School Secretary                     Schehera Oakman                   973-3902                     SOakman@usd259.net


    Attendance                             Laycie Davis                         973-3870                     ldavis5@usd259.net


    Bookkeeper                             Merleta Anthis                         973-3901                     manthis@usd259.net


    Assistant Principal                  Claudio Flores                         973-3907                      Cflores@usd259.net

    Assistant Principal                  Kim O'Reilly                              973-3905                    KOreilly@usd259.net

    Assistant Principal                  Darron Alford                            973-3905                    Dalford@usd259.net

    Nurse                                     Glenda Broadbent                     973-3913                     gbroadbent@usd259.net