A2E is a summer academic academy that runs from June to August. Classes are from Monday to Thursday with academic core classes taking place on Monday through Wednesday and Fine/Creative Arts being taught on Thursdays. All classes are instructed by Truesdell MS staff members. All classes are held at Truesdell and are available in either a morning or afternoon session. Transportation is provided by the school district for no additional fee. Enrollment is limited to 100 students per session. Additional Information can be obtained in the main office.


    Parents may enroll their student for Truesdell’s After-School Activity Program (ASAP). Students involved in ASAP are engaged in supervised activities Monday through Thursday from 3:20 PM – 5:00 PM. A snack is provided for participants. Limited transportation is available.

    This program provides at least 45 minutes of tutoring/study time followed by a choice of various fun activities such as cooking, soccer, etc. A weekly field trip is also scheduled for students with a parent permission waiver on file.


    Arrangements for staying after school or alternate ride situations need to be taken care of before 3:10 pm. Students will not be allowed to call home at this time. Office phones are for emergencies only. Students who are participating in any after school activity including tutoring are expected to proceed directly to their assigned room or area no later than 3:20. Students who are walking home are expected to be off school property by the time the buses leave. Any student who is waiting for a ride and has not been picked up by 3:20 needs to move to the porch area to continue to wait for their ride. Students may not wait at the church beyond 3:20, nor are they allowed to enter Woodman Elementary property, including the playground, for any reason.  


    1. Opportunities to participate in competitive sports in USD 259 are limited to 7thand 8th graders only. Boys may choose from cross country, basketball, and/or track. Girls may choose cross country, volleyball, basketball, and/or track. The Kansas State High School Athletics Association governs requirements that students must meet in order to be eligible. In all cases, students must have a current physical on record before they will be allowed to tryout OR to practice.

    The following are the acceptable student behaviors at athletic contests:

    Home Games

    • All students must report to the gym by 3:20  with an ID or they will not be admitted to the game and may not go to their lockers after the game. They must stay behind the “out of bounds” line when entering and exiting the gym.
    • Students must sit in the Truesdell student seating section. They are to remain seated in the bleachers during the game except during a cheer and must sit down when the cheer is over.
    • Students must be respectful and courteous at all times. Booing is never allowed. Students must remain quiet while all players are shooting free throws.
    • Students may visit the concession stand and/or use the restroom at half time and/or in between games. Students cannot bring food or drink (except water) into the gym.
    • Students who decide to leave early from a game may do so at halftime or in between games. Once you leave you may not return.
    • Any student who because of their failure to adhere to the preceding rules can be asked to leave a game. Any student who is ejected from a game forfeits their opportunity to attend any further games.


    1. Students are required to attend classes, and parents are expected to notify the school in writing or by phone when an absence occurs.


                Attendance Office……………973-3870                 


    1. Students are responsible for collecting and making up all required work. As a district standard, the make-up time will be equal to the number of days the pupil was absent plus one day. Parents may call the appropriate office for their student's assignments missed during an extended absence(three or more days). Teachers are to be given a reasonable amount of time, generally 24 hours, to prepare the requested assignments.


                BOE P1472 PUPIL MAKE-UP WORK

    It is the responsibility of the pupil to make up assignments. The teacher shall make reasonable efforts to encourage and assist the pupil to make up missed assignments, shall give credit for such work, and shall allow a pupil a reasonable period of time to complete such missed assignments.


    1. When it is projected that, because of physical or mental health problems, a student shall be absent for three weeks or more, the parent shall contact the social worker at 973-3914 for a homebound referral.


    1. When it is anticipated that a student is to be absent from 2 – 10 days for personal matters (i.e., family vacation, an extended holiday, wedding, etc.), the parent/guardian must fill out a “Request to Be Absent” form at least three days in advance so that teachers can have time to gather the homework needed. The form needs an administrator approval. 



    No students are allowed in the building until 7:50 each morning. Students who arrive at school prior to 7:50 are allowed to wait either at the south end near the bus drop off, at the main entrance near the flag pole or at the North entrance. In inclement weather, limited areas will be provided for waiting inside. Students are expected to behave appropriately and follow all school rules in the waiting areas.   Students who wish to eat breakfast may do so beginning at 7:30 and will return to the designated waiting areas when they are finished. Food may be carried to your 1st hour class after 7:50. No breakfast is served after 7:55 unless a student has a pass.  A warning bell will sound at 7:55 and then our morning music will start at 7:57. Once the music starts, all students are expected to finish conversations and locker business and be in motion toward class. When the music stops, all students who are not in class are considered tardy.



    Students riding bicycles to school are to park their bikes in the racks on the west side of the school building (Glenn Street). Bicycles should be locked to the rack. Students who do not have bikes at school are expected to stay away from the racks and bikes.


    Bikes, skateboards and scooters are not to be ridden on school grounds. Bus riders are not allowed to bring their skateboard or scooter to school. Skateboards and scooters must be kept in the student’s locker until the end of the day and carried off school grounds. Students who frequently break the rules about skateboards and scooters will have them confiscated, and a parent will need to come claim the item.


    Students are not to drive cars, motorcycles, or motorized scooters to school. Parents/guardians dropping and picking up students should do so on the East side of Glenn only. Parking on both sides of Glenn is prohibited in some areas.


    Breakfast opens at 7:30 and closes at 7:55 daily. Students are expected to get breakfast upon their arrival at school and when finished will return to common waiting areas until 7:50. Students whose bus is late will be given late bus passes to get breakfast after 7:55. Only students with a pass will be served breakfast after 7:55.



    BOE P1464 : 

          Bullying occurs in all forms including, but not limited to, appearance, status with a peer group (social power), intellectual, socio-economic, gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. Bullying in any form is prohibited on school property, in a school vehicle, or at a school-sponsored activity or event. In addition, bullying is prohibited while utilizing school property. Bullying includes Cyberbullying. In compliance with K.S.A. 72-8256 and amendments thereto, the Board heretofore developed and adopted a plan that addresses bullying. In addition to disciplinary action described in BOE Policy P5113 - Suspension and/or Expulsion of Students, students who violate the bullying prohibition may be reported to local law enforcement, if appropriate.

          Cyberbullying is considered any harassing, intimidating, or threatening behavior using the internet or cell phone.

          All incidents regarding bullying should be reported to an adult or turned in on an incident sheet.




    If you live two and one half miles or more from school, you are eligible to ride a school bus free of charge. Information about bus routes can be obtained in the Main Office or in the North Office.


    Students should be EARLY at the designated school bus stops and should WAIT until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to board



    Bus Rules and Regulations:

    1. Alwaysobey the driver. The driver is in charge of the bus.


    1. Drivers willassign seats, and students are required to comply as assigned.


    1. Be ready and be on time at your stop; the driver does NOThave to wait if you are late.


    1. When waiting for the bus, stand back from the edge of the street or road. Never play in the street.


    1. Do not shout or be loud; profane and vulgar language is not allowed


    1. Do not litter on the bus. No food or drink or chewing of gum/candy is allowed.


    1. Do not move about or try to get on or off the bus while it is in motion.


    1. Students will not be allowed to get on or off of the bus at an unauthorized stop.


    1. Keep hands, head, and arms in the bus at all times.


    1. Never throw any object on the bus or out of the window.


    1. When leaving the bus, cross far enough in front to enable the driver to see you pass safely.


    1. Any damage to the bus is to be reported at once to the driver.


    1. Fighting, scuffling, and horseplay are not allowed on the bus.


    Consequences for bus referrals may be modified at the discretion of the administration and may include but are not limited to:


    Parent Phone Calls/Detentions/ISS/Bus Suspensions/OSS/Permanent Removal from the Bus



     If a bus rider wishes to have another student ride the bus home with him/her, a note from both students' parents must be presented to the Bus Supervisor in the North Office no later than 10:30 AM. If permission is granted, the bus driver will receive written notification of the additional rider. Students who make such requests at the end of the day will NOT be granted permission.




    1. Eat in your assigned cafeteria and stand quietly in your assigned serving line.


    1. Keep your hands, feet, objects and negative comments to yourself.


    1. Present your photo ID with bar code to the cashier and WAIT for her to scan your ID. Students who are wearing their own ID will eat first. Those not wearing an ID may be served last.


    1. If you choose to purchase something from the a la carte line, you must do so while going through the lunch line and beforegoing to your seat. Do not ask other students for money or items from the a la carte line. Students are not permitted to purchase a la carte items if they owe the cafeteria money, don’t have an ID and/or if they are serving a lunch detention.


    1. Eat only after sitting down. Once you sit down to eat, you cannot get up without permission


    1. If you choosenot to eat a packaged item or a whole piece of fruit, you may leave those on the designated tables as you exit the cafeteria. This also applies to cartons of milk that have not been opened.


    1. As you exit the lunch line, check the table for any “extras” from the previous lunch group. You may take one of your choice as long as they last.


    1. NEVER throw food or any other objects.


    1. Students are required to dispose of their own trash and leave the cafeteria quietly and in an orderly manner. As you leave the cafeteria, be mindful that classes are in session. Keep your voices quiet when you are in the halls.


    1. Students wishing to use the rest room must use the one closest to their cafeteria(300 or 500 only). Raise your hand to ask permission to leave.







    Truesdell is one of the USD 259 sites with a strong Campus Connections (ComCare and Family Consultation Services) presence. Staff members from these organizations offer students and their families counseling and other related services in a school environment. For those students with special issues, this program can provide weekly counseling, group counseling, attendant care workers, family counseling, etc. Any teacher, administrator, or parent can help make a referral to the program. Fees are on a sliding scale.



    CHAMPS is a well-researched technique that allows students to know what the expectation is for them at any given time. CHAMPS will differ depending on the particular setting or activity.


    CHAMPS stands for:


    Conversation     (To whom can students talk to, how loud, and about what with one another during an activity?)

    Help                   (How do students get an adult’s attention and questions answered?

    Activity              (What is the task or objective? What is the end product?)

    Movement          (Are students allowed to move during this activity and within what boundaries?)

    Participation      (How do students show that they are fully engaged in the activity?)

    Success For All Truesdell Students



    Parents are asked to inform the office if there is a change of address or telephone number. Stop by any office and tell the secretary the new information. Please be sure that emergency information is accurate and up-to-date for your own child’s safety.



    Conferences are held twice a year. It is important that students and their parents attend conferences so that they can be well informed of their student’s progress. Besides the twice-a-year formal Parent/Teacher Conferences, teachers and/or parents may ask for a meeting at any time. The school is always available to meet with any parent/guardian given advance notification.



    Occasionally a student will have his/her property confiscated by an adult in the building. It might be a hat, a cell phone, or another item. In the interest of fairness and responsibility, staff members are expected to take the confiscated item to the main office.


    • 1sttime property is confiscated: the student may claim the item at the end of that day.
    • 2ndtime and thereafter property is confiscated: Parent will retrieve item from the Main Office and a     

                    disciplinary consequences may be issued. 





    Opportunitiesfor student involvement may be found in vocal and instrumental music groups and performances, competitive athletic teams in cross country, volleyball, basketball, and track, National Academic League (NAL), After-School Activity Program (ASAP), Leadership Academic Team (LAT), Drill Team, Color Guard and Student Council.



    If a student needs to see a counselor, he/she must have a pass from his/her teacher. If you come to the office without a pass, you will be sent back to class. The secretary will take your name and notify the counselor you need an appointment.



    Crime Stoppers is a program designed to allow individuals to exercise good citizenship by reporting information regarding crimes or for those who have been the victim of a possible crime (missing purse, money, bicycle, etc.). At Truesdell, any student or staff member may anonymously report information leading to the apprehension of parties responsible for criminal activities by leaving a note in any Crime Stopper locker or reporting to any administrator. Crime Stopper forms are available in the offices to report missing, lost, or stolen items. Rewards are given for information that proves to be helpful. No one ever learns your name when you make a Crime Stoppers report.



    Students and staff must be prepared to meet an emergency at all times. Everyone should be familiar with emergency drill procedures. Emergency drills must be taken seriously. Instruction for the students' safety may be given at any time during the drill.



    Serious infractions of school policy will result in a student receiving a PBR (Pupil Behavior Report). Student referrals will be sent to an administrator.   The referral will be handled by a building administrator who will handle the discussion and consequences for the referral. Consequences will depend on the individual committing the infraction and the nature of the infraction. Parents may be contacted via telephone or other means of communication. Parents are encouraged to call if there are ever any questions regarding the incident and/or the consequences documented

    Students should keep in mind our school’s Behavior Lines:


    Above the Line-Successful/Appropriate/Rule Abiding Behaviors (Everyday Positive Behaviors)

    Below the Line-Unsuccessful/Inappropriate/Rule Breaking Behaviors (Possible Negative Consequences)

    Bottom Line-Illegal/Dangerous Behaviors (Automatic Referral and Consequences)




    • Pants and shorts must be worn at student's natural waistline. Sagging is not allowed!
    • Shorts, skirts, and jumpers must be fingertip length.
    • Clothing shall be sized correctly to fit the student. Tops and bottoms should not be excessively baggy, small, or tight.
    • Shirts and blouses must have sleeves, cover midriff, cleavage, skin and underwear while sitting or standing. 
    • Students cannot wear clothing or jewelry that depicts weapons, drugs/alcohol, gang affiliation, etc.
    • Excessive make-up, body piercing, hair color, and body markings are not allowed and will be determined by an administrator.
    • No hats/bandanas/sunglasses/gloves/coats/ PJ’s/backpacks/purses(large enough to carry a book) may be worn or carried
    • House slippers (soft soled shoes) are not allowed

    *Administration reserves the right to address individual dress code issues that may have not been explicitly addressed in the planner









    BOE Policy P1464–

                The use of Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) by students during the school day is prohibited. These devices must be kept out of sight and powered off during the school day. The school day is defined by each school site. PEDs include, but are not limited to, pagers, cellular phones, MP3 players, and other personal electronic devices that have the potential to be disruptive to the educational process.  Items intended to look like or simulate such devices are also prohibited during the school day. Students who violate this policy and the associated regulations shall be deemed to have created a disruption to the  instructional environment and are subject to appropriate disciplinary actions. Students shall be personally and solely responsible for the security of their cellular telephones and other PEDs. Truesdell and The Board of Education shall not assume responsibility or liability for the theft, loss, or damage to a cellular phone or other PED, nor does it assume responsibility for the unauthorized use of any device.



    In order to ensure safe and efficient hallway traffic, students are expected to always travel on the right side of the hallways. Students are also asked not to travel more than 2 across. Running is never permitted and students’ voices should be kept at a Level 2. There are several “Go Zones” throughout Truesdell. These are easily identified by the tile pattern on the floors and signs on the walls. Students are not allowed to stop in these “Go Zones”. 



    A student should NEVER be in the hall without a pass. If students are released over a minute late from a class, they must obtain a pass from that teacher.Students will find pages of passes in this planner.


    Passes will be issued with the time indicating when the pass was written. This pass will allow the student to be re-admitted to class without penalty if the time taken to reach class has not exceeded five minutes.


    Students who regularly leave class to take medication, meet with a mentor/tutor, or catch an early bus will need to have a Special Pass.



    If a student becomes ill in school, he should request a pass from the teacher to see the nurse. Students who are ill MUST call home from the nurse's office. Students should not leave the building without authorization from the nurse. If the nurse is not in, students are to report to the Main Office.

    Medication: Any student needing medication while at school must have a statement of permission signed by his/her physician and a parent/guardian. A labeled bottle with student's name and dosage is required and the bottle should be left in the nurse's office. No student is to have medicine in his/her locker or on his/her person.

    Nurse’s Office....................................973-3913




    Students and staff are issued photo IDs. Failure to have an ID may result in having to go to the rear of the lunch line. Students may not be able to attend school functions requiring an ID. Other privileges may also be affected. For safety issues, lanyards are to be a quick release mechanism as prescribed by the Wichita Public Schools.


    Students should not deface or mutilate their IDs. Students who do so may be required to purchase a replacement ID.




    1. Students assigned to ISSR must be in their grade level office seated before the 1sthour tardy bell rings.  Students will remain in the ISSR at all times except as noted below. Students may not be able to participate in any school activities, including assemblies, passing periods, lunch in the cafeteria, etc.


    1. Students will bring the necessary paper, pencils, and books to do class work. Passes may not be issuedto go to students' lockers or to their teachers’ classrooms.


    1. Students will follow the directions of the ISSR supervisor at all times. Defiance, disrespect, and profanity will not be tolerated.


    1. Students will remain at all times in the seat assigned by the ISSR supervisor. They must raise their hand and wait to be called on to communicate with the ISSR supervisor. Students will not talk without permission, move around unnecessarily, nor will they make distracting noises such as tapping, whistling, humming, etc.


    1. Students will at all times work on and complete regular class assignments.


    1. Students will eat a separate lunch in the 300 Cafeteria, without any talking. No a la carte is served to ISSR students. Students will not have snacks, food, drinks, or chewing gum during the rest of the day.


    1. Students will be accompanied to the restrooms


    1. Students will be held responsible for any damage to desks, study carrels, books, etc.


    1. Students will return borrowed items (pencils, textbooks, etc.) to the supervisor at the end of the day.


    1. No electronics or toys of any kind will be allowed in ISSR. 


    1. All normal classroom rules apply


    1. Students who fail to comply with the ISSR rules will result in further administrative action.



    Library Hours: 7:50 AM to 3:30 PM. The library will close at 3:10 when meetings are scheduled in the library.


    Borrowing Materials: Students select material, bring it to the circulation desk, and present the library staff with their current student ID badge. (ID must have a photo, name, and barcode that is clearly visible/readable. Temporary ID’s are not accepted for check-outs.) Students may check out two books at a time from our school library. 

    • Books are checked out for two weeks and may be renewed another two weeks.
    • You are ultimately responsible for returning the book in good condition.
    • Fines are charged for overdue books. If you do not turn it in on time, you have to pay 25 cents a day for every day that the book is late. Fines are not charged for weekends or school vacation days.
    • Fines, lost books and damaged books must be paid for and the student’s record cleared before that student may check-out any other books or materials.


    Expectations for all library users include:

    • Students are expected to be courteous, talk quietly, sit appropriately in chairs, and walk in an orderly manner, and wait patiently in line to check-out.
    • Return all materials to the place they belong if using them in the library, such as encyclopedias, reference books, and newspapers.
    • Clean up your area before leaving the library: push chairs in, put materials away, and throw away any trash.


    Computers: Students must have permission from the library staff  to use any of the computers. Students using the Internet must be supervised by an adult. Use of CDs or other storage devices (thumb drives, etc) must be approved by library staff.




    Students are to use ONLY the locker assigned to them. All personal items and books, when not in use, are to be kept in your own locker. This includes jackets, coats, backpacks, book bags, and cell phones. Periodic inspections will be made by teachers and administrators to see that the lockers are kept neat and orderly. If a student has a locker problem, they should fill out a locker concern form and send it to the North Office.


    LOST and FOUND

    Students who find lost articles are asked to take them to the North Office where their owners can claim them. Articles not claimed at the end of year are donated to local charities.



    Students will be issued a lunch detention for unexcused tardies to class. Students may also be issued lunch detentions for other minor infractions at the discretion of the administration.



    All lunch passes must be obtained from a staff member. Students must show their pass to the lunch supervisor prior to them leaving the cafeteria.



    Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds at any time during the school day without a pass issued from the Attendance Clerk. They must always sign out in the Main Office before leaving school and sign in if they return during the day. “Special Excuse” passes will be issued if the student must leave because of illness, emergency, or other acceptable reasons as stated in a note or phone call from his parent/guardian. Parents may take their students to lunch provided they come to the Main Office to pick up their student and return him/her at the end of the regularly scheduled lunch period.



    Student progress is reported every three weeks by either a Progress Report or a Report Card. The Progress Reports will be mailed home. An on-line system called, Parent Assistant, is also available to parents to access their students’ grades and attendance.  (http://truesdell.usd259.org/ Parent’s Tab)



    Is a program designed to support student’s academic achievement during an extended school day either before or school after school. Sign-up forms can be obtained in the main office.


    Each Truesdell student will be given 20 minutes to eat lunch and 20 minutes of recess time. If a student has lunch detention, his or her recess time will be suspended until the detention has been served. 


    Saturday School can be assigned to students by grade level teams, through parent requests, or grade level administrators as a means of recovering lost academic time. Saturday School runs from 8am-Noon September through May. Parents are responsible for their child’s transportation to and from Saturday School.    




    The Board of Education adopts the following definition of sexual harassment for the purpose of this policy:

                Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment when (1) submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term of the pupil's academic opportunities, (2) submission to or rejection of such conduct by a pupil is used as a basis for academic decisions affecting such pupil, or (3) such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with the pupil's school performance or it creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational environment.

                Please note that conduct which has the effect of unreasonably interfering with a pupil's school performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational environment may be "sexual harassment" whether or not the person engaging in the conduct intends to create that effect.

                By way of example, but not as an exhaustive illustration, the following conduct by pupils, district employees or others can constitute sexual harassment: threatening or insinuating that a pupil's submission to or rejection of sexual advances will in any way influence any decision regarding that student's grades, class assignments, advancement or assigned duties; flirtation, joking, or teasing, advances, propositions; continual or repeated verbal abuse of a sexual nature; graphic words of a sexual nature used to describe an individual, lewd, risqué or obscene language; ribald or gender-targeted jokes or cartoons; the display on the school grounds of sexually suggestive objects or pictures; and, intentional, nonconsensual touching of a sexual nature.”


    Students who believe that they have been sexually harassed and/or assaulted are encouraged to immediately ask to see their administrator.


    While we recognize that this can be embarrassing when it happens, it is important to understand that the person being sexually harassed and/or assaulted is NOT responsible. They bear no fault for what someone else has said or done inappropriately.


    Due to the sensitive nature of these kinds of allegations, it is critical that confidentiality be maintained and that only those with a “need to know” are informed of the allegation(s) and investigation. A victim’s privacy should be honored, and it should be remembered that an alleged perpetrator is just that—alleged until such time as an investigation proves the perpetrator behaved inappropriately. Should it later be determined that the allegation was falsely and intentionally made, the student making the allegation is subject to disciplinary action. In all cases, parents of the student(s) will be notified as early as possible in the investigation. The administration will cooperate with the police if the school’s initial investigation corroborates the allegations.



    Students are required to be in the classroom on time. Those students remaining in the hallways after the bell has rung are considered to be tardy or truant and are subject to a hall sweep. Students who need to see the nurse, a counselor, or an assistant principal must first go to their regular classroom and obtain a pass from their teacher. Students detained in a previous class MUST obtain a pass from that teacher for entry into the next class if held more than a minute.





    All Wichita middle school students are expected to arrive at school on time each day.  Students who are not in class after the final bell has rung are considered tardy and expected to report to the main office to sign in and receive a class admit slip.  Students will be given excused admit slips for late arrival for the following reasons:  late buses, medical appointments, or required appearances in court.  Documentation must be provided in order to receive an excused admit slip.  Students who arrive late to school for any of the reasons not listed above will be given an unexcused admit slip and will be issued a school consequence.  We do understand that things outside of our control do occasionally  happen so, each student is allowed one “free” tardy per quarter before consequences will be given.


    Use of the office telephones by students is limited to emergency calls and school business calls. Please have your plans made ahead of time. Students who are ill MUST go to the nurse to call home.



    Textbooks are furnished by the school district and are rented at the beginning of the year. A student who loses or damages a book while it is checked out to her will be expected to pay for it within one week of the loss. A replacement will be issued after payment has been made. It is the responsibility of the student to identify upon issuance any damage to the textbook; otherwise, the student assumes responsibility for that damage at the end of the year when books are returned.



    Due to our crowded conditions,students are not allowed to bring visitors to school other than parents or legal guardians. Parents/guardians are always welcome to come in and observe, but are encouraged to make appointments to meet with teachers, counselors, or administrators. All visitors must sign in at the main office and get a Visitor's Badge.



    At Truesdell you will see signs and hear staff members refer to “Voice Levels.” These numbered levels refer to the voice volume a student should be using at any given time. Below you will find a rubric explaining these levels:

    0-No Talking

    1-Whisper (Only 1 person should be able to hear you)

    2-Table Voice (2-3 people at your table should be able to hear you)

    3-Presentation Voice (Whole Class should be able to hear you)

    4-Outside Voice (Yelling/Screaming)