• Nov 9th, 2016

    Student Bulletin

       November 9, 2016


    Important Announcements


    We will be doing sports physical for basketball and track on November 29th during 7th and 8th grade lunch (11:50 to 12:45).

    This is for a student wanting to go out for basketball or track.

    If you have turned in a completed physical to the office, you DO NOT need another physical.

    Students can get the physical forms from the office.

    Boys basketball tryout dates December 1st, 2nd and 5th. Please be sure to have your physical completed and turned in to the office.

    After School Rec Field Trips are only for students who have signed up the day before. If you regularly attend rec and can't come the day before, talk to Mr. Welch. You may not come to the field trips by just showing up on field trip days.


    The annual turkey/canned food drive began, Tuesday November 8 through November 18. This is a competition between each grade level and the staff. For every non-perishable food item or dollar, you will receive a turkey feather with your name and grade on it. The feathers will be placed on the turkeys in the cafeteria. All food items, turkeys and money will be donated to the USD 259 canned food/turkey drive to make sure people in Wichita have a good and filling holiday dinner. On November 17, you can buy pieces of duct tape to help tape Ms. Riveros to the cafeteria wall during lunch recess. This year’s 8th graders already think they will beat everyone else. Let’s get this competition started.

    Picture Retakes will be Thursday, November 10. The office staff will be calling students to the LIBRARY alphabetically.  Only those students who were absent on picture day (October 12) or have their picture packets to return are permitted to be released to go to the Library.  If a student needs a picture packet, they are available in the office.  Picture Retakes will be taken in the morning only and usually only takes about an hour so please make sure you are at school on time if you need to get your picture taken.

    If any staff needs his/her picture taken because you were not here or failed to get your picture taken on the first picture day, the camera will be set up at 7:30 AM on Thursday to accommodate you prior to beginning your teaching schedule.

    Get your PVMS T-shirts!!! Only $10.00. You can see one on display in the office.


    No food or drink other than water should be eaten or drank in the hallway or in the classrooms.  If you bring food / drink for lunch, you must leave the food / drink in your locker until the end of 3rd hour when you may retrieve it for lunch.  If your 4th hour teacher asks you to place your food / drink in a specific spot in the classroom such as their desk, please comply or you will not be able to bring any food / drink in the future.  No food / drink should be taken out of the cafeteria.  Only purchase a la cart items you are able to eat while in the cafeteria.   At no time should you eat food or drink drinks other than water during classes unless authorized by your teacher.  In the event that one of your teachers allows food / drink for a special occasion, you must take the food / drink directly to that teacher’s classroom at the beginning of the day (7:50).  If there are leftovers of the food / drink, you are required to leave the food/ drink in the teacher’s classroom until the end of the school day (3:40) when you may return to pick it up. 

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