• Music

    All elementary students in the district receive general music. They usually have 1 program a year, too. In Wichita middle schools, students receive 1 nine-week general music exploratory class. At the high school level, Kansas students need 1 fine arts credit to graduate. So, here at Levy, our only fine arts class is general music.


    We explore music throughout history and across cultures. We play many percussion instruments. We have our favorite seasonal pieces. We practice distinguishing instrument sounds. Many of these activities are for the joy of music. Perhaps, there are styles of music that we have yet to hear and learning about variety can help us make informed decisions for our listening. Many skills in the music room also relate cross-curricularly to other subjects. Often, we discuss how life would be so different without music!


    Occasionally, we are blessed to have guests artists preform for our school. These are nice school-wide/community events! So many of us cannot afford or simply cannot get access to performances in the community. So, it is wonderful to have a variety come to us.

Kindergarten Music Program 2015
Elementary Music Program