Swim Class
  • Swimming


    The swimming program at Levy is designed with two goals in mind.  The first objective is to introduce and develop the skills necessary for the students to become successful in lifelong swimming.  Our second goal is to create an environment where our students receive benefits for their physical well-being.

    When the instructors are introducing lifelong skills to the students, they focus on introducing the simplest skills and progressing from there.  These skills include: getting into the water and making themselves comfortable, putting their face underwater, and learning to hold their breath.  Once these skills have been mastered, the instructors start targeting more specific skills.  These skills consist of the front and back float and kicking with the kick boards.  Once the students are comfortable with these skills, the instructor starts to introduce strokes.

    Our pool’s water temperature set at 91 degrees and air temperature at 93 degrees, allowing students to get out of the wheelchair and experience the following benefits:

    • Increases cardiovascular function
    • Reduces stress on joints
    • Improves muscle strength and tone
    • Increases range of motion and flexibility
    • Increases balance and coordination
    • Improves posture and trunk stability
    • Promotes relaxation
    • Increases circulation

    Overall, our swimming program is an asset to Levy Special Education Center and provides our students with many benefits.