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    Twitter: @Library_Lady444
    Ms. Phillips
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Reading and Research! My name is Ms. Phillips, and I will be your tour guide through time, space, alternate worlds, and anything or any place you can imagine!!! When you come into our Library, you are entering a world where only you can decide where you want to go! Come along on our journey to enlightenment! 

    Our library is designed with student needs in mind. One special component we have is a special Genre Collection. The books included in this section are shelved according to their genres. We still have our regular Fiction and Non-Fiction sections, but we wanted to offer an alternative to these traditional library sections. Many people say they do not enjoy reading. I think this is a misconception.  I believe they just haven't found the right book (their "It" book) to hook them yet! The Genre Collection allows reluctant readers or those who haven't discovered their "It" book a chance to explore some of the more popular series and narrow down what they like about different genres.