• Group Dynamics Class was implemented in the Gateway Alternative Program’s curricular in the 1997-1998 school year when a clinical social worker was brought in to facilitate group.  The purpose of group is to provide students the opportunity to deal with issues and feelings associated with problems that are related to their expulsions, long term suspensions, or Alternative Education Placement.  The class has since evolved to include a psycho-educational  component where students deal with Anger Management; Conflict Resolution; Development and Enhancement of Self-Esteem; Development of and Recognition of Healthy Relationships; Harassment, Bullying and Sexual Harassment; Drug Information and Awareness; Gang Violence and Awareness; Mindfulness and Relaxation; etc. 


    To promote healthy interactions and cooperative skills with peers and to enhance cognitive skills we have added a chess component to Group Dynamics Class on Fridays.

    Each student who completes this class will receive a half course credit.