About Minneha Library

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    Dana Sachs



    Library Schedule:

    Monday: 4th Turner, 5th Janssen, 2nd Badgett, 3rd Drake, Lunch,  Kdg. Smith, Kdg. Lair, 1stFagg

    Tuesday:  Pd Schedule, changes monthly

    Wednesday: 4th Luna, 5th Sander, 2nd Farres, 3rd Heckler, Lunch, Kdg. Worthington, 1st Harding, Newcomers

    Thursday: 4th Sachs, 5th Whiteside, 2nd Wagers, 3rd Blau, Lunch, Team Time, Kdg. Avila

    Friday: 4th Heincker, 5th Thompson, 2nd Henley, 3rd Waggoner, Lunch, Kdg. Deutsch, 1st McDowell, 1st Teinert

Elementary Library Resources


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