• The Isely Site Council meets at 5PM in the Isely library four times per year.  Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting.


    Citizen Involvement: Parents and the school community can bring great wisdom to the work of the school if they encourage collaborative dialogue on the essential learning needs of the community and how obligations, resources, and responsibility for the development of the learning community can be effectively shared. As required by state law, "school site councils shall be responsible for providing advice and counsel in evaluating state, school district, and school site performance goals and objectives and in determining the methods that should be employed at the school site to meet these goals and objectives."

    Role of Site Council: 
    Operating within the Kansas Open Meetings Law and the Kansas Open Record Act, the Isely School Site Council, comprised of teacher, staff, parents, business and community representatives, meets at least 4 times a year. Our Site Council shares in decisions relative to our school and our district.

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