Binder (2 inch or bigger)

    Folders with pockets for each class to keep in binder

    Notebook paper

    4   Spiral Notebooks (1 will be used for science, 1 for language arts, and 1 for math)

    2   3 Prong-folders to be used for math and social studies

    1   Pencil pouch to put in binder

    1   Package of # 2 Pencils (mechanical are acceptable)

    2   Highlighters

    Headphones – with standard jack

    Reusable water bottle

    2   Glue Sticks

    2   Erasers

    1   Package of markers (8-10 count)

    1   Package colored pencils (12 count or more)

    1   Package EXPO Markers

    1   Pair of scissors

    1   Package of Post it notes

    1   Package of index cards

    1   Package of Lysol wipes for homeroom

    7th Grade Supply List:

    4 spiral notebooks (Min. 70 sheets, College Ruled)

    1” binder

    24 pencils

    4 pack highlighters

    4 packs college ruled loose leaf paper

    12 pack colored markers

    12 pack colored pencils

    1 pencil pouch or bag

    2 erasers

    2 expo markers

    5 pack tab dividers with pockets

    2 pack glue sticks

    1 ruler

    1 TI-30XS calculator (very important)

    8th Grade Supply List


    Binder (2 or 3 inch)

    Folders with Pockets for each class

    Lined Loose leaf paper

    3 x 1-subject Spiral Notebooks (SS/Math/SC)

    1 Composition book (LA)

    2 x 3 prong folders (Math & SS)

    Pencil Pouch

    Pencils (24 pack)

    Colored Pencils

    Colored Pens (not black)

    2 Highlighters

    2 Erasers

    Texas Instruments Calculator Ti-30xs


    Reusable Water Bottle

    These Supplies go to Math Teacher to be distributed to 8th grade teachers

    1 package Dry Erase Markers

    1 pack of index cards

    4 Glue Sticks