• Club List 2022-2023


    Club Sponsor Date/Time Location Description
    Art Club Chamberlain and Vazquez Tuesdays 3:20-4:20 & Tuesdays  Lunch A13 Participate in various art related activities. 
    BPA Ashley Dalian TBD M16 Business Professionals of America is a club for students interested in competing in various business topics.
    Community Fridge Tara Rodgers TBD C16 Fundraisers for Community Fridge  
    Crime Stoppers Melissa Seiwert/Security 1st Tuesday H1 Works to keep the school building safe.
    CSC Cool Stuff Club Evan Norris Fridays TT C14 History and Antique Club
    DECA Maggie Gehring Tuesdays TT A5 DECA is a co-curricular student organization for business or business-minded students. 
    Educators Rising Erin Matlock Blue Thursdays TT S25 Educators Rising is a club for students who are interested in careers in the education profession. 
    FCCLA Diana Edmiston 4th Wednesday Lunch F5 Careers and Interest in FACS
    Freshman Class Sponsor Sherry Mariani TBD C4 The voice for the freshmen class. 
    Multi-Cultural Leadership   Jeremy Tate TBD C6 Leadership focused on inclusion
    SHS GSA  Byran Hernandez Rubero Fridays Lunch K20 The GSA gives LGBTQ+ students a safe space and bring awareness to LGBTQ+ issues.
    Skills USA Melissa Seiwert 2nd Wed H1 CTE Students to learn employability skills
    Sophomore Club Jennifer Haney TBD C9 The voice for the Sophomore class
    STUCO McGill/Nascimento Thursday during TT K5 The goal of our club is to help engage student in leadership skills and be the connection between staff and students.
    Thespian Troupe 182 Vonda Schuster 3rd Tuesday TT or Lunch A1 The purpose of this organization is to advance and improve educational theatre in Kansas.
    Titans Moving Forward Patty Stuever 1st/3rd Tuesdays during TT (Starts Oct 4) Library Giving students an opportunity to explore their dreams for their future.
    Young Life Lydia Villalobos 1X Month Monday 6:47PM A23 Young Life is a club  for games, prizes, singing, and meeting other students.
    South High Pep Club Samantha and Clayton Bradley Monday's Lunch Library Back Student organization that is led by students to support and cheer for each other in athletics and activities.
    Junior Class/Prom Samantha and Clayton Bradley TBD Library Back Junior class is to support juniors- the goal is to host the best prom each year for the junior and senior class. 
    Chess Club Steven Woodring Fridays TT D10 Chess Club 
    Bicycling Interest Club  BIG Diana Edmiston 1st Wednesday Lunch F5 For ones who bike to school, aka bicycle commuters, and anyone interested in bicycling.