Library Announcements

About Mrs. McIntosh

  • I am excited to begin my 4th year in the Library at Cleaveland Traditional College and Career Readiness Magnet!  I have 9 years of experience teaching 3rd-5th grades.  I also have 4 years of elementary library experience.  I received by Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education from Oklahoma Baptist University.  I completed my Master's in Educational Technology with a Library Media licensure at Pittsburg State University, Spring 2016.

    I am married and have 3 children.  We love to camp, hike, and play together.  


    Contact: Karie McIntosh



    Favorite Quote: "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind. Always."

    Favorite Candy: Dark Chocolate Almond

    Favorite Drink: Coffee, Diet Dr. Pepper

    Favorite Fast Food: Chickila and Freddy's

    Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

    Favorite Book: Fish in a Tree and The War that Saved My Life

Library Schedule

  • Monday:  Library Closed


                  8:50-9:05      Open Checkout

                  9:05-11:45    Library Maintenance

                 11:45-12:00    Open Checkout

                 12:00-1:00      Lunch

                   1:00-1:47     Mrs. Stratton 2nd Grade

                   1:55-2:42     Ms. Lopez Mixed Abilities

                   2:42-3:45     Library Maintenance

                   3:45-4:00     Open Checkout

    Wednesday:  Library Closed


                  9:05-9:52        Ms. Childs 3rd Grade

                  9:52-10:39      Mrs. Greiner 5th Grade

                  10:39-11:26    PLAN

                  11:26-12:13   Ms. Gill 4th Grade

                  12:13-1:00     Lunch

                   1:00-1:47      Mrs. Ulery 2nd Grade

                   1:47-2:34      PLAN

                   2:34-3:21      Mrs. Chambers Kindergarten

                   3:21-4:08      Mr. Stecklein 1st Grade



                  9:05-9:52        Mrs. Batt 3rd Grade

                  9:52-10:39      Dr. Laura 5th Grade

                  10:39-11:26    PLAN

                  11:26-12:13   Ms. Evans 4th Grade

                  12:13-1:00     Lunch

                   1:00-1:47      PLAN

                   1:47-2:34      Mr. Menninga Mixed Abilities

                   2:34-3:21      Mrs. Bailey Kindergarten

                   3:21-4:08      Mrs. Westhoff 1st Grade