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  • If you need to reach an individual in our school, please call the main office at 973-8100.

    Last Name First Name Email Address Title Building
    Aaby Jessica Temp Aide - Co-op Linwood
    Acosta Lori Paraeducator ESL Linwood
    Allen Angela Prekindergarten Linwood
    Baldwin Meagan Interrelated-Elem Linwood
    Barger Cameron Second Grade Linwood
    Belcher Tanya Third Grade Linwood
    Bost David Asst Principal Linwood
    Bowersox Laura Fifth Grade Linwood
    Bozarth Rocio Administrative Assistant 4 Linwood
    Brown Aries Custodian 1 Linwood
    Burns Joann Para Sped High Incidence Linwood
    Christian Jessica Physical Ed - Elem Linwood
    Cicciu Jessica Psychologist-Elem Linwood
    Cox Lindi Instructional Coach Elem Linwood
    Cummins Shirley Para Title Instruction Support Linwood
    Dean Howard Custodian 4 Linwood
    Decker Cara Second Grade Linwood
    Edwards Sasha Speech Clinic-Elem Linwood
    Elder Geralyn Speech Clinic-Elem Linwood
    Epley Lucinda Clerk 3 Linwood
    Evans Jill Social Worker Linwood
    Faber Karla Art-Elementary Linwood
    Foote Keith Custodian 2 Linwood
    Friend Alyssa Temp Aide - LRE Linwood
    Gallaway Allen Fourth Grade Linwood
    Gates Caroline Para Title Instruction Support Linwood
    Goldsmith Christina Kindergarten Linwood
    Hanes Miriam Prekindergarten Linwood
    Harvey Sarah Para Sped High Incidence Linwood
    Hauschild Dayna Counselor-Elem Linwood
    Hays Julia Physical Ed - Elem Linwood
    Hogan Lindsay Paraeducator Pre-K Linwood
    Hutchinson Traci Vocal Music Elem Linwood
    Journey Christina First Grade Linwood
    Juarez Aurora Para Title Instruction Support Linwood
    King Brenda Occup Therapy Linwood
    Knuth Stephanie Secretary 5 Linwood
    Landwehr Lori ESOL Linwood
    Lohrey Mary Second Grade Linwood
    Maley Katie Fourth Grade Linwood
    Mayfield Jill Resource Teacher-Elem Linwood
    McCollum Angela ESOL Linwood
    McDonough Kelly Fourth Grade Linwood
    Mizer-Dalrymple Stacey Reading Intervention Linwood
    Murphy Vanessa Paraeducator Pre-K Linwood
    Northcutt Dea Paraeducator Pre-K Linwood
    Osborne DeLynne Reading Intervention Linwood
    Osburn Jennifer Kindergarten-All Day Linwood
    Pauscher Catherine Third Grade Linwood
    Phelps Vera Third Grade Linwood